Also known as a sunburst tart, this French-inspired twisted pastry may look tricky, but it's surprisingly easy to pull together. We break it down in three simple steps.
How-to make tarte soleil step 4
Credit: Bryan Gardner

If you're looking for a statement-making dessert to serve at your next holiday gathering or dinner party, we urge you to consider a tarte soleil, which is also known as a sunburst tart. Though it looks complicated, it's a dessert anyone can make at home. Our step-by-step guide breaks it all down.

How-to make tarte soleil step 1
Credit: Bryan Gardner

The key to this design is to divide the dough evenly into the rays. After filling and sealing the crusts together, put a glass upside-down in the center. (This is merely to make an impression; don't let it cut through the dough.) With the glass still in place, cut the tart into four equal sections. Then cut each in half to make eight. Finally, cut each eighth evenly into thirds to create 24 sections total.

How-to make tarte soleil step 2
Credit: Bryan Gardner

Lift a section; twist it three times.

How-to make tarte soleil step 3
Credit: Bryan Gardner

Repeat with the remaining sections, making sure you twist all of them in the same direction, with the same tightness of coil. Freezing the dough solid before baking will help it keep its shape in the oven.


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