Plus, the color palettes that will be decking everyone's halls.

While traditional decorations and table settings in shades of red and green or silver and gold never go out of style, you can find new ways to share the holiday spirit with your loved ones. That's where seasonal trends come in: This year features an eclectic variety of décor and gift-giving ideas that can personalize your own celebrations. The main trend for 2019 is to think outside of the box when it comes to your presents and indoor or outdoor decorations, according to Etsy—they have the inside scoop on the types of items that people are looking for when it comes to the holidays. We spoke with Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's in-house trend expert (and one of the judges on NBC's Making It), to learn more about the trends that will be bringing holiday cheer to your home in 2019.

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Most of us have embraced the modernity of minimalism in recent years, but we become admittedly lax during the holiday season. And it certainly does not mean that you have to increase the clutter in your home. "Maximalism is really that kind of thought process of 'more is more' and bigger and bolder—not necessarily buying [tons of] items but [choosing] items that have greater impact," Johnson explains. "And also just items that have a mix of colors, a mix of prints, different types of material, like mixing velvet with plaids and stripes." With an increase of 26 percent in Etsy searches for colorful décor, 14 percent for textured items, and 4 percent for patterned items, it's clear that maximalism has truly caught on. Previous years featured more muted colors and subdued patterns, but 2019 is all about embracing your boldness. Add some bright color to your Christmas tree with large bulbs in neon colors or large ornaments, as seen in the example above.

paper mesh gift wrap
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Greener Gifting

The excess of the holidays is mitigated with sustainable and eco-friendly gifting in 2019. In the last six months, Etsy has seen a 42 percent surge in searches for greener gifts. "People are putting more thought into [the sustainability of] what they're purchasing," says Johnson. Eco-friendly items like metal or glass straws make great stocking stuffers, she suggests, and when you choose recycled, upcycled, or eco-friendly gifts, you can also feel good about caring for the planet. Earlier this year, Etsy joined the communal call to action by announcing that they will offset the carbon emissions from delivery by investing in tree farms and solar panel farms. This goes for the packaging as much as the gift itself: opt for brown-mesh Christmas crackers, furoshiki-style bundling, or upcycling paper and fabric scraps (benefit: no sticky tape is required).


Happy Paw-lidays

A member of the family that is always included in the holiday list? Fido and Fluffy, of course. Another popular trend for 2019 is personalized gifts for pets and holiday décor made in tribute to them. Searches on Etsy for pet portraits have increased by 51 percent while there has been a 17 percent increase in searches for customized pet items. Traditional holiday items like dreidels and tree ornaments get a surprising spin when customized as hand-stitched catnip toys or paw print ornaments. "One of the things that has just started sparking this year are pet advent calendars," Johnson says. These specialized advent calendars for dogs and cats feature pockets for enjoying a special treat for  each day of the holiday season. Screenprint a photo of your pet onto T-shirts, pillows and more. You can also make pet toys that have holiday themes.

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Cozy Cabin

The winter holidays are all about staying warm and cozy, and we often get together with our families to celebrate the season. "Another overarching theme is just that quality time you spend with your family. More than ever you'll see items that are really bringing families together," Johnson says. "Anything that's really celebrating a retreat from day-to-day life and spending that quality time together." Gifts like classic board games and oversized blankets that create a cozy cabin atmosphere are on the rise in searches on Etsy. Items made from wood and plaid also add to this comforting homestyle trend. Drape a soft fur throw over your chairs at the dinner table for an instant warm-up.

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Shimmer and Shine

The holidays have a way of pandering to our nostalgia. The latest decade to come back into vogue? "We're seeing so much influence in fashion and home from the '90s decade, and to see it transformed into holiday décor is something that is really exciting and fun," says Johnson. "And you’ll see it in these iridescent items, like holographic stockings or ornaments that have that rainbow shimmer to them." Holiday décor gets revamped for '90s nostalgia with iridescent brights, whimsical characters, rainbows, and metallic elements. From glitter to sequins to holographic shimmer, you can incorporate the celestial into your holidays this season. A silver wreath adds glitz and sparkle to your hallway.

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Holiday Getaway

While some dream of a white Christmas, others are planning their escape to tropical paradise. And apparently, we aren't the only ones who thinks about Christmas in July. The summertime twist on the holiday has given way to a rising interest in coastal and tropical styles—there has been a 33 percent increase in Etsy searches for jungle-themed items and 57 percent surge in searches for leopard prints. Toucans are also inspiring gift-givers in handpicking items that feature the popular tropical bird. "It's totally unseasonal, unexpected and not what you would think for holiday times," Johnson admits, "but actually translates into something really fun. Anything you think of that's warm and sunny—like toucans and flamingos—are now being put into holiday scenery, like a snowman with a lei and sunglasses." Why not start by decorating your Christmas tree with glittered seashell ornaments, sailboats, and cool marine hues? Or, better yet, host a Christmas-in-July themed party for your friends and neighbors?

swan pate a choux martha bakes
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Winter White Birds

Flamingos, llamas, sloths, and narwhals have all lay claim to being the star animal of the holidays. But this year's favorite blends beautifully in the winter white landscape. "The difference between this year's winter white and traditional winter white... is the addition of swans," explains Johnson. White feathers and swan décor provide a dreamy take on winter white décor. She's seen an 11 percent increase in Etsy searches for winter whites, many of which draw inspiration from the graceful swan. Make your own feather tree for a pretty centerpiece.

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Stained Glass

The biggest trend for shoppers is an interest in stained glass décor. On Etsy, there has been a 69 percent increase in searches for stained glass items. Nativity scenes, menorahs, mistletoe, and other holiday motifs get the stained glass treatment with gorgeous handmade ornaments and decorations. "These stained glass pieces are completely modernized and just work well in your home décor," Johnson says, "you don't have to transform your house as much as you maybe would have in the past." Show off the look of stained glass with this stained-glass cookie ornaments project.


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