From leather napkin skirts to walnut shell salt cellars, these DIYs bring refined rusticism to your holiday party.

The only thing we love as much as upholding favorite holiday traditions is starting beautiful new ones. Each of these ideas—from elevated but earthy napkin holders to one-of-a-kind salt cellars—strikes a nice balance between rustic and refined, is simple enough for casual crafters to pull off, and will make your Thanksgiving table look so lovely, you'll happily give Nana's silver napkin rings a breather—at least until next month.

natural place setting crafts napkin holder skirt gold silverware
Credit: Kirsten Francis

Fringed Napkin Skirts

Snip a yard of fringe trim from the crafts store into seven-inch pieces, poke a hole at each end with an awl, wrap them around rolled-up napkins, and secure with screw-back brass clasps.

Shop Now: Trims by the Yard 4 inch Suede Fringe Trim ($5.98 per yard, Pacific Trimming Screw-in Rivets, 6 mm ($1.90 each,

diy shell salt cellars with sticks natural place settings
Credit: Kirsten Francis

Shell Salt Cellars

Gather small sticks that lie flat, and hot-glue two walnut halves onto each. Fill them with salt and pepper and place them around your table—one for every two people.

Shop Now: Arts Shop Co. Large Walnut Shell Halves, ($5 for 6,

personal bread boards with butter
Credit: Kirsten Francis

Bread Boards

Forgo the usual communal basket and treat all your VIPs to personal bread boards. Add a ramekin of butter, so they can lay it on as thick as they like.

Shop Now: JK Adams Maple Round Handled Board, ($45,

leather washer lanyard hitch blue napkin holder natural place setting
Credit: Kirsten Francis

Chic Napkin Circles

A leather washer used in bike repairs is a thing of beauty here. Just attach a leather cord to the ring using a lanyard hitch and knot the loose ends around a napkin.

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