Martha's Latest Cookbook Is Available Now! Go Inside the Brand-New "Martha Stewart's Cookie Perfection"

It's time to take your sweet treats to the next level.

Martha Stewart, your go-to source for perfect homemade treat ideas, officially launches her 95th cookbook today, October 15. Inside the brand-new Martha Stewart's Cookie Perfection, you'll find a diverse array of ingredients, methods, and tools to help you create your own collection of delectable sweets. Organized into eight chapters that cumulatively feature 100+ recipes, Martha's latest cookbook is here to help you turn your conventional cookies into something extraordinary! Here, take a look at what's inside.

martha stewart's cookie perfection recipes
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pink to yellow ombre frosted cookies
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All Dressed Up

Trading in the everyday for something far more special, these cookies take it to the next level in terms of shape, color, and flavor. They're frosted, dusted, swirled, and embellished—thoroughly dressed to impress.

broken in half chocolate spice cookie
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Classics with a Twist

Just when you think a tried-and-true cookie couldn't possibly be more perfect, it is: green-tea shortbread, a carrot-cake thumbprint, spiced-chocolate biscotti, and more. Martha's reimagined our best-loved favorites by channeling those familiar flavors and shapes into new, even more delicious iterations.

stacks of peanut butter sandwich cookies
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Some Assembly Required

The only thing that can possibly top a cookie is one that's topped (say, with marshmallows and chocolate like a s'more), or two cookies wrapped around a luscious filling. That's a sandwich we can believe in.

giant frosted cookie with sprinkles
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Giant Cookies

A big cookie for a big sweet-tooth, for sharing with a large group of friends, or for a hearty breakfast. Whatever the reason to go big, super-sizing is simply fun.

brown butter honey cookies
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Tools of the Trade

With a little help from the molds and spritzes, rolling pins and textured mats, and even a meat mallet, these cookies take on designs, graphics, and whimsical appeal.

brownie cups on circular cooling rack
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Cookies by Any Other Name

Puffy whoopie pies; chewy, cakey, or fudgy brownies; fruit-packed bars; and lush chocolate truffles—call them whatever you like, they're still among the sweetest treats we know. And that's why recipes for each are included in this book, too.

white and black spider web cookies
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Celebration Cookies

Get caught in a Halloween spider's web, wear your heart on your sleeve for Valentine's Day, set off some fireworks for the Fourth of July. The most special days call for the most festive cookies.

piping frosting onto chocolate cookies
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The Basics

Learn the elements of cookie style—drop, roll, slice, shape—and you'll be well on your way to great baking. Add icing, piping, and embellishing, and that's where cookie perfection happens.

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