Benjamin Moore's 2020 Color of the Year Proves Pink Is the New Neutral

Move over Millennial Pink—there's a more sophisticated blush tone in town.

Pink is here to stay. Benjamin Moore just solidified the hue's place in design for the new decade with the announcement of their highly-anticipated 2020 color of the year: First Light 2102-70, a soft, rosy hue, is officially the new color to watch for.

"Back when we were starting to discuss the color trends for 2020 we knew it was a new decade, and we could set the tone [for it]," says Hannah Yeo, color and design manager at Benjamin Moore. As the design team began batting around ideas—they spend months traveling to design shows, art museums, and more as a way to inspire and inform their color choice—the one concept they kept coming back to was home. "What does home mean to us and how is it different from a decade ago?" says Yeo. "We expect a home to provide core needs. Some of those needs are security, comfort, community, and ultimately, optimism."

benjamin moore color of the year 2020 is a pale pink
Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

For the brand, First Light creates the perfect backdrop for those idealisms, especially happiness. "Pink is a little bit more upbeat and optimistic," she says. When it comes to decorating, the color is versatile and works well with popular paint choices such as gray and navy; it even complements the ever-popular Scandinavian aesthetic. In addition to First Light, the brand also released nine harmonious new hues for the modern home, including a muted sage green (Grystalline AF-485), a soft yellow (Golden Straw 2152-50) and a rich, dramatic blue (Blue Danube 2062-30) as part of their 2020 Color Trends Palette.

While the team at Martha Stewart Living have been fans of blush since long before it was a trend, the cheery color is often associated with hair bows and frosting rather than high design. "But First Light is not a baby pink," explains Yeo. "It's definitely more delicate and more sophisticated. It has a slightly blue undertone. It's a great alternative to a beige."

Another bonus: "It casts a flattering glow to any room," she says. Looking and feeling good in the new decade? That sounds great to us.

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