Give your property the care and attention it deserves. With a little help from Martha Stewarts's selection of garden tools, a fall clean-up couldn't be easier!

October 01, 2019

Everyone's familiar with the idea of spring cleaning, but it's important to give your home and garden a refresh in the fall, too. After all, caring for your yard during autumn will make all of the difference when you go to plant come spring! Martha's collection of gardening essentials is a one stop shop for functional and stylish solutions. Here, we're sharing four of Martha Stewart's best products to help you tidy up this season.

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Courtesy of Walmart

Garden Shears

Help protect your home against unwanted damage. Start by cutting back the lifeless tree branches. You'll want to trim back any rogue or damaged branches that could break during the winter's first snow fall. Martha's easy grip secateurs ensure a cut that encourages healing, so when spring rolls around your trees will be back in full bloom.

Martha Stewart "MTS-JSEC180" Easy Grip Secateurs with Genuine Leather Protective Sheath, $49.99,

Courtesy of Walmart

Leaf Blower

Getting rid of those pesky leaves will leave your lawn feeling nourished for months to come. Naturally, leaves cover your lawn in thick layers, which blocks sunlight and air from reaching your grass. Martha's lightweight electric blower will get rid of the fallen leaves and debris, where hidden pests love to hide! Preparing for the cold, wet months will ensure your yard is free from disease and ready for growth.

Martha Stewart "MTS-APB1-MGN" All Purpose Electric Blower, in Mint, $40.39,

Courtesy of Walmart

Mulcher and Leaf Shredder

With those newly collected bunch of leaves, use Martha's electric mulcher and leaf shredder. Repurposing fallen leaves into mulch has many benefits. Applying mulch gives your yard an orderly appearance and acts as a weed suppressant to your variety of plants and flowers. With your newly placed mulch, your garden will be free of weeds and protected against soil erosion throughout the fall and winter.

Martha Stewart "MTS-ELS13" Adjustable Intake Electric Mulcher and Leaf Shredder, $136.72,

Courtesy of Walmart

Pressure Washer

Don't forget about removing mold and debris that builds up on your siding and in the gutters. Martha's portable pressure washer is great for quickly washing away any residue. Your home will look fresh in no time!

Martha Stewart "MTS-1300PW-MGN" Electric Pressure Washer with Adjustable Spray Wand, in Mint, $104.35,



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