You say outdated, we say au contraire.

By Kelly Vaughan
October 01, 2019
Armando Rafael

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Some things never go out of style. Other things go out of style only to make a resurgence a decade or two later. That's true of more than just interior design and sartorial trends: Our food editors say that ingredients come in and out of fashion, and we tasked them to share the ones that they think deserve a second coming. Prepare to make room in your pantry for the likes of celery salt, sun-dried tomatoes, and more. What's old is new again.

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Peter Ardito

Iceberg Lettuce

What it lacks in pedigree, it makes up for in mellow sweetness and unparalleled crunch. Senior food editor Lauryn Tyrell uses iceberg lettuce on sandwiches and to give oomph to softer greens. Look for a head that has tight, intact leaves and a bright green color.

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Celery Salt

Whip out that jar you bought for one recipe and haven't touched since. Celery salt is made with a blend of salt, celery seeds, and dehydrated celery. "It adds fast flavor to popcorn, baked potatoes, and soup," says deputy food editor Greg Lofts.

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"There are few pleasures in life better than good quality vermouth, like Alessio, Dolin, or Carpano Antica, served in a rocks glass over ice. Sweet or dry doesn't matter, whatever your preference, so long as it's a high-quality kind," Greg says. When it comes to cooking, he recommends using a less expensive bottle.

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Peter Ardito

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

They were a power couple with pesto back in the '90s, but only pesto had staying power. However, Riley loves Agromonte semi-dried cherry tomatoes with pasta and herbed goat cheese, or as a snack right from the jar.

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From panna cotta to homemade marshmallows, unflavored gelatin powder is a versatile ingredient that adds body to sweet and savory dishes. "I love the cool, clean flavors of homemade gelatin desserts and savory aspics," says editorial director of food Sarah Carey.

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Peter Ardito


This fortified wine from Spain has long been favored by wine drinkers, but is being embraced once again by a new group of young consumers as well as home cooks. "Sherry adds a rich, almost meaty quality to soups, chili, and homemade onion dip," says editor at large Shira Bocar.

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