Unique, Beautiful Planters That Will Enhance the Look of Any Houseplant

Plant in a modern cylinder planter in a modern living room.
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When it comes to decorating your home, few elements help bring texture and warmth into a space quite like plants do. In addition to the fact that they help purify the air and improve productivity, houseplants also breathe life into any corner of a room. Plus, they're extremely versatile décor elements. They can serve as a splashy statement, like in the form a five-foot olive tree, or a thoughtful detail, such as a collection of succulents on a window sill. And it's not just the plant itself that can enhance your décor: The pots they live in can help make any space a little more special.

While there are a myriad of beautiful options out there, it's important that you spend a little time considering which pots will look cohesive with your plants and your room as a whole. While you may feel tempted to purchase the first vessel you see and love, you'll want to consider how it will look in your home. "We think of plants and planters as equal design elements, and like any design elements, some blend and some clash," says Tara Heibel, creative director of Sprout Home. "What you're looking for is a plant and pot combination that accentuates each other."

If you have a plant with really dark leaves, you might want to try a lighter colored or white pot; doing so ensures the two pieces are able to better show off what the other has to offer. Furthermore, a beautiful planter can help to elevate and add sophistication to even the most commonplace of houseplants.

Ready to repot your beloved houseplants? Here, we're sharing 12 unique planters we love that are available right now.

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Modern Terra-Cotta

Capra Designs "Etch Planter
Courtesy of Capra Designs

This terra-cotta colored planter is aptly named Desert, so what better plant to accompany it than a cactus? The modern design of the pot would pair perfectly with the simple silhouette of a cactus.

Capra Designs "Etch Planter," $69, capradesigns.com.

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Woven Basket

Wyn Woven Planter Basket
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

If you're looking to add another layer of texture to your space, this woven planter basket will do just that. Unlike with a traditional planter, you don't pot your plant directly in it; instead, place it in the basket after it's been potted.

Urban Outfitters "Wyn Woven Planter Basket," $29, urbanoutfitters.com.

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Plant on a Pedestal

Light + Ladder "Eleva Planter & Plinth"
Rocky Luten/Food52

Want to show off your plant like it's a work of art? This pot comes with a plinth (which elevates it), so you can display your greenery or flowers like a sculpture.

Light + Ladder "Eleva" Planter & Plinth, $140, food52.com.

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Add Some Glitz

CB2 Rough Cast Brass Planter
Courtesy of Cb2

House your plants in a warm, metallic vessel which will blend perfectly with a sophisticated décor.

CB2 Rough Cast Brass Planter, $249, cb2.com.

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Handmade Ceramics

Roseline Pottery "The Mountain Rose Planter"
Courtesy of Roseline Pottery

Just the right size for a petite plant, this handmade planter in pretty muted tones, features glazes that overlap to create an abstract effect.

Roseline Pottery "The Mountain Rose Planter," $24, etsy.com.

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Playground Planter

Object Matter "Playground Planter"
Courtesy of Object Matter

Playful shapes wrap their way around this modern ceramic planter. Just add a happy plant to cheer up even the dullest of corners.

Object Matter "Playground Planter," $72, omceramic.com.

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Biodegradable and Cool

Minimum Design "Japan" Planter
Courtesy of Minimum Design

The perfect addition to any minimalist design lover's home, this planter is 3D printed using a mix of bioplastic made from corn and recycled wood fibers. We love that it's completely biodegradable.

Minimum Design "Japan" Planter, starting at $17.25, etsy.com.

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Sleek and Modern

The Citizenry "Mekong" Planter in Medium
Courtesy of the Citizenry

This moody black planter, with its modern, matte finish, makes the perfect home for an equally moody plant. Just imagine how pretty a rubber tree would look in it.

The Citizenry "Mekong Planter," $85, the-citizenry.com.

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Built-In Saucer

Areaware Stacking Planter
Courtesy of Areaware

If you prefer the streamlined look of a potted plant without a saucer, this clever planter is for you. The saucer is hidden in the bottom ring of the planter, allowing water to drain without the need for a larger tray.

Areaware Stacking Planter, starting at $64, urbanoutfitters.com.

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Goblet Planter

Ekho Designs "Goblet" Terracotta Planter
Courtesy of Bloomist

The standard terra-cotta planter gets an upgrade with this slightly lighter colored, goblet shaped version. We love the idea of planting something dark and dusty, like the plant pictured here—the contrast to the orangey-pink is beautiful.

Ekho Designs Goblet Terra-Cotta Planter, starting at $35, bloomist.com.

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Confetti Planter

House Raccoon Geometric planter
Courtesy of House Raccoon

The terrazzo craze doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon, so go ahead and scoop up this speckled, geometric planter (we like the white and emerald version). The best part: It's a self-watering system, meaning the bottom layer of the pot holds water and feeds the plant via a reed system. One less thing to worry about!

House Raccoon "Hapi" Self-Watering Pot, starting at $57.39, etsy.com.

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Hanging Planter

Noa Razor Studio Hanging Terracotta Planter
Courtesy of Noa Razor

Perfect for a trailing plant like a string of pearls or a philodendron, this planter can be hung indoors or outdoors and has a cobalt blue glaze on the inside that contrasts beautifully with the terra-cotta exterior.

Noa Razer Studio Hanging Terracotta Planter, $88, etsy.com.

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