You'll never miss out on a new, delicious beer again.
group of people sitting around a table drinking tavour beer
Credit: Courtesy of Tavour

The craft beer evolution of the past decade has led to more people appreciating good beer, and more good beer being available just about anywhere you go. Chances are, there's probably a craft brewery (or ten) just a hop, skip, and a jump from where you live. But once you try all your local brews, what's a beer lover to do?

Independent craft breweries, by their very nature, are small. That often means that they don't have the money or the capacity to distribute their brews beyond their home region. The Seattle area—a happening hub of both brewing and tech innovation—was where beer lover Philip Vaughn founded the first craft beer club of its kind. The app-based Tavour is dedicated to sourcing and sharing beers from the best independent breweries all over the country. But unlike traditional "beer of the month" club where members have no say in what they receive in each delivery, Tavour makes it super easy to try something new every day of the week thanks to an app that features two beers every day, as well as photos and tasting notes.

Through the Tavour app you can buy the beers that intrigue you and skip the ones that don't spark joy. Then, at any point, you can choose to have your beer collection shipped to you for a flat fee. This summer we had the chance to try exclusive brews including Anadromous Black Sour with Marionberries from Anchorage Brewing Company in Alaska; Mint Chocolate Chip stout from Braxton Brewing Company in Kentucky; and the creamy, citrusy High on Sunshine Milkshake IPA by Woodland Empire in downtown Boise, Idaho. (Are you thirsty now?)

What if you're not a hardcore craft beer enthusiast? Try a brand-new subscription box from Tavour. You choose a style of beer you like, and a frequency of delivery, and their beer experts send you a specially curated collection of the best brews from across the country for you to educate your palate. Or, you can treat the beer lover in your life to a gift box of specially selected brews catered to their tastes, with a collection of stouts, sours, IPAs, or a combination of styles.


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