Fans of the classic board game are invited to help Hasbro and design the new space.
Houzz CLUE Mansion Resign, Bedroom Photo

Was it Miss Scarlett in the Library with a...staple gun? Clue fans love solving mysteries and there's a new one in this luxurious mansion—this nail-biter has nothing to do with poor, departed Mr. Boddy, though. Instead, it involves the décor of the beloved classic board game. For the first time since the murder mystery game's release in 1949, the Clue mansion is undergoing a renovation. Hasbro wants to give this beloved game a little facelift, but they're stuck on one major change: What room should replace the Hall? When it comes to making major home improvements, the trickiest decisions often have to do with design—and this is especially true if the house has looked the same for nearly a century. That's where you come in: For the next two weeks, fans can vote on the room that will replace the Hall. Hasbro teamed up with to create four different designs for fans to consider: the Guest Room, the Drawing Room, the Bathroom, and an update to the existing Hall.

Thinking about voting for a bedroom? The late Mr. Boddy would definitely appreciate the bold, gothic elements in the proposed design above. It's tricky to incorporate gold furniture, but the dark, moody color palette balances the side tables from looking too gaudy.

Houzz CLUE Mansion Upgrade, Bathroom

Perhaps you think a bathroom would make for a more interesting storyline. This stylish Chinoiserie powder room features a striking gondola wallpaper with bold pops of orange and a silver bamboo mirror accented with sconces.

Houzz CLUE Mansion Upgrade, Foyer

For traditionalist who loves the original hall but thinks it needs a refresh, take a look at this foyer. It's a tasteful interpretation of  the stately space. The airy archways balance out the checkered hardwood floor. The classic furnishings elevate the look even further

Houzz CLUE Mansion Upgrade, Salon

Then there's the sophisticated drawing room with dark walls, ornate molding, and a gorgeous fireplace that's framed by built-in shelving, perfect for perhaps hiding the secret weapon that was used to murder the host.

Though the results of the voting will be released on October 21, the new game won't be available for purchase until December, so keep it in mind for when you start planning your holiday shopping. By teaming up with Clue's dedicated detectives, Hasbro will likely create the most elevated board game we've seen.


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