This nonstick baking mat is a favorite among home bakers—and for good reason.
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Anything parchment paper can do, a Silpat can do better, time and time again. Silpat™ ($24.99, is the brand name for the original nonstick silicone baking mat, and this durable, reusable nonstick silicone pan liner is a home bakers' must-have. It's available in a range of sizes for cookie sheets, round cake pans, and even molds for making perfectly shaped madeleine cookies ($45.08,, scones, and tartlets. By using a Silpat mat, you eliminate the need to use cooking sprays, oils, or parchment paper while baking. All Silpats are oven-safe up to 500 degrees, which means that you can use them to bake anything and everything. A

head, we're sharing more about the history of this beloved baking accessory and how to use it.

What Is Silpat?

Leave it to the French to invent one of the ultimate baking accessories! Over 50 years ago, a baker named Guy Demarle created a Silpat baking mat ($24.99, using layers of food-grade silicone and fiberglass in his quest to craft the world's best baguettes. His invention caught on in professional kitchens around the world and home bakers eventually got in on the secret, too.

How Is It Used?

Silpat mats are used to line and insulate pans for super-easy nonstick baking. Even the stickiest and the most delicate foods won't stick to a Silpat—there's no need to grease the pan. We love it for baking any kind of cookies—drop cookies, macarons, and even whoopie pies. Any baker will also tell you that a Silpat is essential for fragile and thin cookies like tuiles and fortune cookies.

A Silpat is also our favorite way to line a pan for baking pavlovas and puff pastry, plus savory recipes like prosciutto crisps and oven-dried tomatoes. You can also use a Silpat round cake mat ($19.57, to line nine-inch cake pans, so that you don't have to worry about your cake sticking and breaking.

Silpat Baking Mat
Credit: Courtesy of Silpat

Why We Love It

Properly cared for, a Silpat will last (nearly) forever, turning any pan into a nonstick baking wonder. It can stand up to extreme temperatures, ranging from the freezer to the oven. Wondering how to clean a Silpat mat? Although Silpat cannot go in the dishwasher, you can wash it by hand with hot, soapy water.

Silpat now makes its baking mats in many sizes and shapes—including those that will fit half-sheet pans, toaster ovens, pizza pans, and more—so you can find the right fit for any favorite baking vessel.

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Martha Stewart Member
May 22, 2021
This article on Silpat specifically says you cannot put the baking mat in the dishwasher. However, the manufacturer says it is safe to clean it in the dishwasher or by hand. Why do you advise against using the dishwasher?