According to search results data from Google, millennials are gravitating towards this kind of layout more than ever.
Ranch-style Home in the Sunshine
Credit: adogslifephoto / Getty Images

Maintaining a sprawling, multi-level home isn't an easy feat—which is why many younger Americans seem to be searching for beautiful homes that are carefully laid out on a single level. According to a new report from Google, smaller homes are trending this year as potential homeowners are searching far and wide for efficiently designed homes that were once en vogue in the late 1950s and '60s. 

The most popular style, per Google search data from April 2018 through 2019, is a "ranch" home; keywords related to this archetype, including single-floor plans and adjoining porches, also peaked during this time period. "Over the same time period, searches for 'front porch ideas for ranch style homes' increased more than 5000 percent," a Google spokesperson told NBC's Today. They also shared that queries for split-level ranch-style homes increased by 160 percent, and that overall "ranch style home plans" have seen an additional 60 percent. 

Ranch homes are spatial, single-floor homes that are known for their open floor schemes, often carefully-curated to be designed with smart living spaces in mind. This isn't the first time that ranch homes have experienced a surge in popularity with home buyers: Google reports that the "ranch style homes" search query also peaked in 2016, per Today. Real estate website Trulia also conducted a survey among homeowners in 2016 about the most popular home style in America, finding that ranch homes were the most popular in 34 different states; they're nearly ubiquitous in California, North Carolina, Texas, and Ohio, according to their findings. 

"Ranch-style homes tend to be on the smaller side and could appeal to first-time home buyers. There's also the added convenience of having a single-story home, which can be functional for smaller families or seniors who may be less mobile," Marcelo Vilela, a communications manager for Trulia, told Today. "[These homes] have generally always been popular across the country, but we're seeing more come on the market. Ranch-style homes generally tend to be smaller and could likely fall into the category of a starter home that would appeal to many first-time home buyers." 

Not a fan of the low-lying ranch style? Other top design schemes that are gaining traction on the internet include Tudor homes, a more eclectic style featuring steeply pitched roofs, masonry and embellished doorways; craftsman homes, or those featuring bungalow-style overhanging eaves and a covered front porch; and Mediterrenean homes, the Hollywood-era style that often feature stucco and Spanish influences.


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