Martha Says Waking Up Before This Time Is Part of Why She's So Successful

As a keynote speaker at an event in the Philippines, our founder explained why you shouldn't sleep in past 7 a.m.


If you're following Martha's adventures on Instagram and the Martha blog, you'll know that she's traveling in the Philippines for business this week. As a keynote speaker at the ANC Leadership Forum, a national event held in Manila hosted by the Philippine's major cable-news network ANC, our founder spoke about her own life's journey and shared advice for aspiring entrepreneurs—including the best time to start your day.

Martha has always been known for being an early riser and for maximizing her morning routine, which is why she had some advice for avoiding a work-time rut: "You do not start your day after 7 a.m.," she shared with the audience, according to ANC reporters who were in attendance.

Martha also credits "hard work, dedication, and determination" for helping her launch her media empire and for continuing to expand her businesses today. "Perseverance is very important. Believing in what you are creating; being a perfectionist, in what you learn and what you teach," she said.

Our founder had some key insights to share about the nature of being a homemaker today. While many see homekeeping as a temporary fix, Martha says it's important to think of it as an ongoing process that you should invest in. "Homekeeping is an art form," she said. "I love to iron, to take care of things, and make things pretty. That's what home keeping is about."

Martha spoke more about her upcoming projects and new adventures in the wellness space, including a line of CBD-based pet products and other developments in this space. Her friendship with Snoop is as strong as ever, she said, and she's focusing on diversifying herself even more in the near future.

"Our demographic is very broad now, especially with the Snoop Dogg Show; from teenagers to people in their 70s," she shared. "You have to embrace opportunities out there to promote your brand… You have to embrace technology, keep ahead of the curve, build a name. It takes effort."

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