Introducing Martha Stewart's Brand-New Spray Paint Collection

A colorful project is in your future.

martha stewart spray paint in color order
Photo: Courtesy of Duncan Enterprises

It's easier than ever to get crafty and colorful thanks to Martha Stewart's new collection of spray paints—part of her large craft line of paints, tools, and accessories available at Michael's stores.

The new spray paint line boasts 64 colors that span from wild salmon to wet cement, beach glass, couscous, porcelain doll, wild blueberry, and everything in between—each color aptly named for its unique hue. The colors come in metallic, glitter, satin, gloss, and matte finishes—and the line includes gloss, satin, matte, and pearl sealers so you can preserve your projects now and always.

The acrylic-based formulas are perfect for all projects: Giving mason jars a new look, creating a custom metallic wreath, or adding color to textured items, such as runners and rugs, for example.

spray painted canning jar decorations

Photo: Courtesy of Duncan Enterprises

Contained in easy-to-hold eight-ounce cans, these spray paints are easier to work with than other cans, which means you can craft to your heart's content—without painful hand cramps or any stress.

Even better, the spray paints, which have built-in primer, are formulated to dry fast, which means you can enjoy your newest creations within just seconds of your first (or second) coat of paint.

This line goes green, too—and we don't just mean in its hues of seaweed, green olive, Scottish Highlands, classroom green, neon green, and more. These spray paints do not contain any toxic drying agents, and the cans' propellants are made from renewable plant-based materials—which is much different than the petroleum-based propellants more commonly found on the market.

You can purchase the new line of spray paints at Michael's store and online.

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