Four of these have absolutely nothing to do with cleaning or organizing.

By Zee Krstic

Nearly anyone who has watched Marie Kondo on her Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, or read her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, knows that the organization expert is big on cherishing possessions. In a recent interview with the editors of Better Homes and Gardens, she shared that she isn't as perfect as many people may think—she says it's difficult, even for her, to keep her home tidy on a regular basis as a mother, wife, and successful entrepreneur. Which is why Kondo works hard to practice a regular routine that keeps her balanced and grounded every single day. 

"A tidy home is filled only with items you cherish, and I believe people thrive creatively in these circumstances," she tells BHG. "For me, tidying is also part of my creative process. Keeping my hands busy helps my mind find stillness." While Kondo definitely takes some time to clean and tidy her home each day, she also focuses on other activities and to-dos that have nothing to do with cleaning; she practices a few activities that could be seen as a holistic approach to remaining calm and well balanced, even in the face of an otherwise hectic day. 

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Kondo gets her day started with her own approach to fitness: yoga and meditation. She also shares with the BHG editors that aromatherapy is part of her morning wellness routine; Kondo opens the windows in her home and lights incense while practicing yoga. She keeps a tray of crystals, including amethyst, on her bedside table at all times. Crystals aren't the only design element that's featured in her sleek, simple bedroom space: Kondo is known for her love of fresh flowers, and she spends time each day curating the floral arrangements throughout her home. "[Arranging] serves as a reminder to live in the moment," Kondo tells BHG, adding that creating fresh floral arrangements is one of her favorite ways to get creative each day. 

The 34-year-old mother of two is also insistent on taking time of our her day to meal prep for her children. According to BHG, she puts a bit of a spin on traditional bento boxes to prepare quick, healthy lunches—she uses cupcake liners to keep each edible element properly divided, and wraps the box in a Japanese cloth known as furoshiki.

Finally, and most unsurprisingly, Kondo spends time keeping her home tidy by consistently evaluating her drawer space. She shares that small boxes are recycled as drawer organizers in her home, sprucing them up with liners made from her favorite decorative papers. Kondo practices her signature form of folding clothes in her own home as well, storing clothing items upright in their drawers for easy access and tracking. 

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"It's important when it comes to creative hobbies that all the tools you use are stored in a way that sparks joy," she says. "It should be neatly categorized, and anything that could be stood upright should be done so. I always recommend storing things vertically so you can immediately see where everything is. That way you can get started right away. If you have to search for the things you need, you are wasting time."

This isn't the first time that Kondo has shared details about her daily routine—she's previously shared some of the tasks she completes every day to keep her home clean. For more on Kondo's signature folding method, follow along as she teaches us how to fold tricky activewear.



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