10 Pet Furniture Ideas That Will Fit Seamlessly in Any Home

Tucker Murphy cat end table at Wayfair

As much as we love our four-legged family members, finding furniture pieces that they'll love—and that we won't mind looking at—can be tricky. "Finding furniture that's both attractive and functional is the goal for most pet owners," says Mike Wilson, cofounder of Catastrophic Creations. "People want furnishings that can comfort and entertain their cats and dogs, but that are stylish enough to not have to hide somewhere in a back room." For one, that might be the Batton Litter Box Enclosure (pictured here) from the Tucker Murphy Pet Shop exclusively at Wayfair.

Finding design-savvy pet furniture is already hard enough, but pet parents also want to source items that their furry friends will actually enjoy using. "Most indoor cats are understimulated and over 60 percent in the United States are overweight," Wilson says. "Pet owners need fresh ways to exercise and enrich their animals at home without having to sacrifice good design."

Of course, once you've got your paws on a pretty and practical piece of pet furniture, you'll have to make room for it at home, too. "We often hear that space is an issue," Wilson says. "Wall-mounted furniture can work wonders in a small space. Not only do cats love climbing and perching up high, floating shelves and furnishings reduce the footprint in your home. Plus, it gives them an area that only they can access—which is especially important if you have dogs or young children."

If you're shopping for chic pet furnishings that your own dog or cat will love, we've highlighted ten beautifully designed items that are built for comfort and provide ample playtime. From end tables with hidden dog beds to a media console with a built-in litter box, here's how to give your pet the pampering she deserves.

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Stylish Crate

Fable Dog Crate

If you thought there was no such thing as a sophisticated dog crate, then it's time to reconsider: Composed of sleek bentwood, the Crate at Fable is a small dog crate—complete with dog nose-sized ventilation holes on the door—designed to look like a minimalist style side table that can blend seamlessly into any space.

Fable Crate with White Gate, $275, fablepets.com.

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Cozy Cat House

LURVIG Cat House

Put this cat house on the floor by your bed, hang it on a wall, or put it in KALLAX shelving unit. A cozy nook where your cat can rest undisturbed, yet still be close by.

IKEA Lurvig Cat House on Legs in White, $50, ikea.com.

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Wall-Mounted Play Area

Catastrophic Creations Floating Sisal Post Steps
Catastrophic Creations

Looking for a sleek way to forge a wall-mounted play area for your cats? These Floating Sisal Post Steps at Catastrophic Creations look like a piece of wall art, but actually offer your cats a place to scratch, perch, and climb—no floor space necessary.

Catastrophic Creations Floating Sisal Post Steps, $45, catastrophicreations.com.

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Sleek Litter Box

Tuft and Paw Rifiuti furniture cat box
Tuft and Paw

Don't let the good looks of this slatted mid-century modern media console at Tuft and Paw fool you. It's as practical as it is pretty: Inside, you'll find a hidden compartment designed to hold a litter box, complete with holes to improve airflow.

Tuft and Paw "Rifiuti" Litter Box, $599, tuftandpaw.com.

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Double-Duty Dog Crate

FurHaven Dog Crate Furniture End Table

Dreaming of a large dog crate with a little more oomph? This silver-finished wood end table moonlights as a bonafide dog crate and bed—so you can keep your dog safe and comfy while you're away without sacrificing any style.

FurHaven Dog Crate Furniture End Table, $106, overstock.com.

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Pet Bed End Table

Paws & Purrs Pet Bed and End Table
Paws & Purrs

Love sleeping next to your furry companion but tired of giving up bed space? This clean-lined open nightstand at Amazon features a soft foam cushion so your pet can sleep inside it—and right by you.

Paws & Purrs Pet Bed and End Table, in Espresso and Sand, $66.79, amazon.com.

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Multipurpose Cat Bed

Hauspanther Nest Egg Raised Cat Bed and Side Table
Primetime Petz

Searching for a pet-friendly side table that your cat can't destroy? This modern side table boasts slender metal hairpin legs and a nest egg-style pod for your cat to lounge in—plus enough surface space to set a glass, book, or your phone.

Hauspanther Nest Egg Raised Cat Bed and Side Table, $120, petco.com.

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Knitted Pet Home

Keter Knit Cozy Pet Home

Handwoven in flexible resign, this shapely side table boasts a sturdy wood substrate top for setting stuff on and an interior pet bed with a push washable cushion—so both you and your pet can kick back in style after a long day. Even better—it doubles as an ottoman.

Keter Knit Cozy Pet Home in Beige $90, amazon.com.

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Planter Little Box

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Planter
Good Pet Stuff

It's a planter. It's a faux houseplant. It's a litter box. Believe it or not, this durable planter is designed to look like a real clay pot and comes complete with a fake plant, filtered vent system (to control dust and odor), and an entry cut-out so that your cats can discreetly take care of business.

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Planter, $56.99, chewy.com.

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Hooded Cat Bed

Dominic Kitty Ball Hooded Cat Bed

Made from poly rattan, this piece is tough enough to take on your cat's scratching and clawing. The weighted pedestal base helps prevent tipping, while the dome-shaped top provides the perfect perch. And, because the domed top can be altered to stand upright, it can cradle your belongings when it's not in use by Kitty.

Archie & Oscar Dominic Kitty Ball Hooded Cat Bed in Smoke, $108, wayfair.com.

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