17 Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

family in halloween masquerade costumes
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Dress yourself and your family in a group costume that will be the life (or the spook) of the Halloween party. When trying to come up with ideas for your collective Halloween ensemble, it is best to start with a theme; then, you'll be able to focus each member's costume around that pre-selected idea.

As for how to choose your theme? Hold a group meeting to discuss your options—especially if you have children who are older—and ask everyone what they would like to do.

Once you decide, you can easily and quickly put together a family costume using several of our ideas. The best part? They can be modified to fit your family's size. So, feel free to expand on the options you find here to find the perfect costume for your group. Then, enjoy making your Halloween debut in style.

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Love Bug Costume

love bug costumes

Spread the love this Halloween in matching love bug costumes. Using our downloadable template, iron on the print to T-shirts for yourself and your little ones. Pom-poms and pipe cleaners form the bug's body; pin them onto tops in different colors so everyone's look is unique.

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Dinosaur Costume

dinosaur costume kids
Addie Juell

The whole family will roar with excitement when you propose this no-sew Halloween costume idea. When putting these looks together, make sure everyone has a green tracksuit; then, cut up and glue on tarp to form the hood and tail.

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White-Swan Costume

White Swan costume
Johnny Miller

A no-sew and ultra-sweet kids' costume you can whip up on the fly (pun intended!)? Sign us up. Thanks to a foundation of a leotard and tights, all you'll need is some felt, a hot-glue gun, Velcro (or pins), a fabric marker, and scissors to get your little one ready for some fowl play. Our downloadable template makes snipping and pinning a breeze. Complete the bevy and make extras for her siblings—or choose other birds entirely, and become your own flock!

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Praying-Mantis Costume

Praying Mantis costume
Johnny Miller

It's a bug's life—we're just living in it! This getup (perfect for your resident critter lover) looks professional, but consists (mostly) of cardboard—feel free to use broken-down boxes—and felt. Antenna wires and oversized eyeballs (made from plastic spheres) are lifelike finishing touches. We think caterpillars and butterflies are perfect praying-mantis counterparts, so be ready to suit up!

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Dandelion Costume

Dandelion costume
Johnny Miller

Her fellow trick-or-treaters can make a wish on her unique getup. The focal point is, of course, the headpiece, made from a swim cap and roughly 100 plant-based drinking straws (fray their ends and hot glue them to the cap for the full dandelion effect). Felt leaves and an all-green outfit (try a leotard, skirt, and tights) complete the look. For her brothers and sisters, stick with the same base and consider flower heads in different showy shades.

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Baby Rabbit-in-a-Hat Costume

Rabbit in a Hat costume
Johnny Miller

With a tap of a wand—and a hoodie, pair of footed pants, felt, bow tie, and bowl—you can pull your little bunny out of the hat this Halloween. Needless to say, this no-sew craft will make his or her first All Hallows' Eve as mystical as it gets. Naturally, you get to go as the magician.

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Sloth and Tree Costumes

mommy tree and baby sloth costumes

There's no trick-or-treater too small for Halloween. The trick to this duo? We used a baby wrap carrier to disguise a smiling little one as a sloth slinging from a tree branch. To create this costume, print the template onto 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper and cut out. Use the template to cut out felt shapes, then glue the pieces together, and pin them to Baby's wrap and hat. Mom can wear brown and tuck leaves in her hair.

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Bluebird and Birdwatcher Costumes

women and baby in birdwatcher halloween costumes
Janelle Jones

As an avid birdwatcher, your little bird is never far from sight with a pair of binoculars. Other than the hat and a canteen (available at camping-supply stores), this costume can be assembled entirely from clothes from your closet. Choose an outfit that consists of neutral, outdoorsy pieces, such as the safari-style jacket and brown pants shown, and don't forget a pair of sensible shoes. For the bluebird costume, use our pattern and basic sewing supplies to create a pair of detachable wings.

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Under-the-Sea Costumes

three kids in octopus, mermaid, and crab halloween costumes
Janelle Jones

Ready to dive into something new? For a family of little ones, the ocean still holds a depth of mystery and awe. Designate one of your kids as the Mermaid, encouraging her to make her own whimsical accessories like a seashell crown and a tail of satin, tulle, and metallic trim. Meanwhile, the rest of the kids can dress up as their favorite undersea creatures: a goldfish, a snappy Lobster, an eight-legged Octopus, or a Jellyfish (outfitted with a clever umbrella-disguised-accessory in the event that it rains). You can even join in the fun as a scuba diver or an ever watchful lifeguard at the shore.

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Three Musketeers Costumes

boys in three musketeers halloween costumes
Glenn Glasser

All for fun, fun for all! A night of trick-or-treating awaits the dashing Three Musketeers. If you're a family of three-or have three little ones-then why not embody the legendary literary trio? Give everyone a pullover vest (using our templates), a collared cape, and a Fleur-de-lis insignia-and the evening will be full of swashbuckling adventure and candy treasures.

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Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Costumes

little red riding hood and big bag wolf halloween costumes
Anna Williams

Embrace the charm of classic storybook characters with these easy-to-make costumes for Mom and Dad, or son and daughter. For her, a gown and namesake hood is cut and sewn from a length of crimson jersey and tied with a wide ribbon at the waist. For him, the dapper wolf wears a suit with a red cravat, and his fur is styled from two shaggy wigs. (For the wolf head, cut 2 large triangular sections-as ears-from one wig and hot-glue them in place to the second wig.) Faux fangs are the only sign of his true nature.

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Storm Chaser and Tornado Costumes

kids in storm chaser and tornado halloween costumes
Chelsea Cavanaugh

As siblings, they can have an admittedly stormy relationship at times, but they complement each other well as a storm chaser and tornado. A younger sister can be a great storm chaser with some hair gel and a flipped umbrella. All you need is a tornado, and that's easy enough to create with a tomato cage and tulle.

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Lion and Gladiator Costumes

lion and gladiator halloween costumes
Barbara Donninelli

They tussle in roughhouse play as it is, so why not personify their sibling rivalry? Dress one as the stalwart gladiator and the other as a courageous lion. Construct the gladiator's costume using hardware store supplies: museum board, a window shade, and prong fasteners, plus our templates. Similarly, the lion's costume is a clever assembly of fringe garlands and a hoodie. For both, there's no sewing skills required.

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Napoleon and Josephine Costumes

sibling halloween costumes napoleon and josephine
Glenn Glasser

For a sibling costume that is simply, as the French say, incroyable, pair brother and sister together as Napoleon and Josephine. He may not have learned his French history yet, but a boy would love dressing up in Napoleon's regalia nevertheless. And, similarly, a girl will love dressing up in Josephine's glamorous Empire-style gown with period jewelry and a fancy updo.

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Lamb and Chicken Costumes

two kids in lamb and chicken costumes
Janelle Jones

This funny farm duo-a chicken and a lamb-pair up together in the cutest costume idea for siblings, cousins, or even best friends. Both costumes use wearable patterns in simple soft materials to ensure that the kids feel comfortable for a night of trick-or-treating. A parent can keep a close watch over the flock as they make their rounds through the neighborhood as Old MacDonald.

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Tulip and Rose Flower Costumes

tulip and rose flower costumes

A blooming crepe-paper tulip cap and rosebud headband-each in pastel hues-turn a mother-daughter duo into a sprightly pair.

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Superhero Costumes


Every kid is a superhero, and parents can join in as well. Start with t-shirts and leggings as the base for the costume. Then add headbands and belts and other accessories to make your own unique superhero.

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