There's surprisingly little breakfast consumed.

By Kelly Vaughan
August 13, 2019
Credit: Shira Bocar

Find out what's been happening in the world of 42 Burners, aka our test kitchen, with our weekly series.

Stars, they're just like us! Whenever possible we love getting a glimpse into the lives of our food editors outside the test kitchen. From their freezer secrets to their at-home kitchen essentials, we've learned a lot about their lives both in and out of the office. This week we're asking them about their morning routines.

As it turns out, Deputy Food Editor Greg Lofts and Assistant Food Editor Riley Wofford both set their alarms for 7:30am. Riley heads out with her dog, Lump. "She's almost 15 years old but she still loves a nice long walk."

Editor at Large Shira Bocar and Senior Food Editor Lauryn Tyrell start a bit earlier. It's a 6:00am wake up for Shira, who is mom to a four-year-old and 14-month-old, and 6:30am for Lauryn who has two boys, a five-year-old and a four-month-old. "I wasn't a morning person before kids, and I'm still not," Shira jokes.

While she skips breakfast herself, Shira gets creative with options for her kids—eggs and toast, chia and fruit/yogurt, or mashed avocado and hard cooked egg on crackers are favorites. Lauryn says breakfast for her oldest consists of a rotating menu of whole grain frozen waffles, Siggi's four-percent yogurt with a drizzle of honey, an English muffin with cream cheese, or, on special days, toad in a hole. "Generally breakfast is more likely to get eaten when it's fun," says Lauryn.

Turns out that Shira is not the only food editor who skips the morning bacon, egg, and cheese. "I don't eat first thing in the morning because I never really wake up hungry and know that I will be eating all day long in the test kitchen," says Greg. He gets his day going by brewing Stumptown coffee in a Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker, then drinks it in his SOMA mug. Black, cream, two sugars? "No sugar but I do add oat milk," says Greg.

Riley's routine is similar—just coffee to start. "Once I get to work, sometimes I'll cook one of Martha's eggs if we have some, or drink one of test kitchen manager, Josefa's, homemade green juices," she says. As for Lauryn and Shira, they rely on the Breville Oracle touch espresso maker in the test kitchen for a morning jolt.

Once they're out the door, each editor revels in the peace and quiet. Lauryn's commute offers a chance to reconnect with her husband, even if it's only for a few minutes. "It's some of the only time we get to talk about anything without little kids around," she explains. Greg and Riley are both fans of listening to podcasts on their commutes. Riley keeps it light in the morning (she's currently a fan of This Might Get Weird) and saves the serial killer dramas for the journey home.

Greg likes listening to podcasts to get his daily news fix. "Watching the news is too much for me in the current political climate but I want to keep up with current events, so listening while sipping coffee during the approximate one-hour commute to the test kitchens is my way to stay informed." His go-to podcasts include The Daily (also a favorite for Lauryn), NPR's Fresh Air, Keep It, Pod Save America, and Revisionist History.

Once in the test kitchen, each editor has a full schedule of developing, tasting, testing, and styling recipes for photo shoots—until they head home and start over again.


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