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Just because you have limited space doesn't mean you must have a limited wardrobe. With a little creativity and a selection of smart storage pieces, you can store the wardrobe of your dreams in just about any space. Here are four tips to help you organize your clothes when you're working with even the tightest of storage areas.

Think Vertically

You can find unused space in just about any closet—yes, even the smallest ones. All you have to do is look up or down to find it. "If you have limited storage space, make your closet work harder for you by thinking vertically, all the way from the ceiling to the floor," says interior designer and Target home style expert Emily Henderson. For example, your closest floor doesn't just have to be for shoes. Henderson likes to add stacking shelves to floor space, where everything from folded clothes to small accessories can live. "Also, don't forget to utilize every single surface in your closet, such as the space above your hanging clothes," she adds. Fabric bins placed on shelves can corral small, loose items like hats and scarves.

Use Slim Hangers

"I know this sounds almost too simple," Henderson says, "but slim hangers are your best friends [when it comes to] saving space." Not only do they shave off precious inches in an already crowded closet, but they're non-slip, which means your clothes won't fall to the floor as you search for the perfect outfit. As an added bonus, they look good since they're made from velvet.

Add Space-Saving Products to Your Closet

Head to the organizational aisles of home stores such as Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, or online at Amazon, and you'll find space-saving products meant to be used in small closets. "Don't underestimate the power of space-saving products," Henderson says. She especially loves hanging shelves—these fabric cubbies attach to the rod inside your closet and can add several "shelves" to a storage space that otherwise doesn't have any. "They more than double your storage space," she says. But be sure to look for one that can bear the weight of what you plan to stash there—which can be anything from pairs of jeans to sweaters or a collection of T-shirts.

Consider Under-the-Bed Storage

Off-season clothes—think: sweaters in the summer and shorts in the winter—can be stored under your bed, either in fabric or plastic bins. "Under-the-bed storage is key when you no longer have space in your closet," Henderson says. If your bed sits too low to the ground to allow for bins beneath it, then "consider creating a DIY clothing rack and hanging it from your ceiling," Henderson suggests. Not only will this increase your storage space, but "it will display your most beautiful garments—and it won't take up any floor real estate," she says.


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