Martha is sharing what she enjoys about summer trips and adventurous vacations; including her favorite traveling companion.
Martha Stewart on Vacation
Credit: Courtesy of Douglas Friedman

If you keep up with Martha on social media or through her blog, you know that our founder loves to travel in the summertime—you can find her enjoying nature in Acadia National Park in Maine or tending to her Skylands estate on Mount Desert Isle. You may also have noticed that she's often accompanied by her family on these trips, including one junior adventurer who definitely shares Martha's love of the outdoors: Truman, her grandson. 

In an interview with the Financial Times, Martha answered a few questions about her favorite summertime activities and memories—including one about who she loves to travel with most. "Probably my grandson, who is seven. [Truman] is the most curious person I know," says Martha, who frequently shares memories and snapshots of their adventures together on Instagram. "Last weekend in the Hamptons, I took him to the historical society. The curator was extremely confused because he knew so much about the history of the East Hamptons. He also asks all the questions you want to ask without ever being embarrassed." 

Martha explained that she spends a good chunk of her summer working, but she looks forward to traveling to Maine in August with her grandchildren and her daughter, Alexis. But her perfect idea of a holiday is a bit more international than Maine: "My favorite way to travel is on a large boat, private, with a helicopter. I would go up the coast of Norway; I would go to Antarctica and around Tierra del Fuego." 

Martha's ideal itinerary gives us a little bit of insight on why she advocates that everyone should pack more, not less, for a vacation. "I pack a little heavy, because with these extreme weather changes, I have found that having a few more clothes rather than a few less is better," she says. Martha always packs essential skin care products, several pairs of sunglasses, and a hat to shade skin from the sun—plus a few iPads that are "loaded" with books, movies, and calendar notes to keep Martha on schedule even when she's away from home.

While Martha is known to post photos of her favorite eats while traveling, she shared one of the very best things that she's enjoyed on a vacation. "The cherries in Tasmania last Christmas," she says. "They were just amazing; huge and juicy. And the best raspberries and blackberries I've ever seen." Even if you're unable to travel internationally this summer, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your family. After all, Martha shares that her own family used to visit a local beach on Pine Lake in New Jersey when she was just a child, which could explain why our founder says that the best vacations are those that you take with family.


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