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Flower Soaks

This fragrant soak combines dried roses, calendula, and blue cornflowers with essential oils and mineral-rich Epsom and pink Himalayan salts to melt stress—a true fantasy scenario.

vials of homemade flower soak bath salts

Photography: Ryan Liebe

Source: Martha Stewart Living, January/February 2021


Learn how to make "flower soak" bath salts by using natural ingredients like whole dried flowers, Epsom and pink Himalayan salts, and essential oils—then decorate vials with our printable labels. For more ideas, scroll through our entire collection of Valentine's Day crafts, handmade gifts for her, and handmade floral gifts.


  • 3 cups Epsom salt (Epsoak Naturals Collection Pure Epsom Salt, $7 for 2 lb.,

  • 1 cup pink Himalayan salt (San Francisco Salt Company Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt, in Extra Fine, $4 for 1 lb.,

  • 1/2 cup baking soda

  • Pencil eraser

  • Glass vials with cork stoppers (Jarvials Glass Bottles with Cork Stoppers, 110 ml, $25 for 12,

  • Funnel

  • Rose essential oil

  • Sticker paper


  1. Set aside several whole dried flowers to decorate vials, then combine salts, baking soda, and remaining flowers in a large bowl.

  2. Using pencil eraser, slide a whole flower down the inside of a vial; add a few drops of water to "glue" it into place. Repeat to decorate vial with more flowers; then repeat with remaining vials.

  3. Using funnel, fill vials with salt mixture. Add a few drops of essential oil to bottom of each cork; stop up bottles. (This will lightly scentthe salts without clumping.)

  4. Download and print labels on sticker paper; cut out. Place labels over corks to seal vials.

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