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Fabric Sachet

To treat your closest clotheshorses, fill fabric sachets with dried herbs, and add hanger-friendly loops.

fabric sachets

Photography: Kate Mathis

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2020


Learn how to sew fabric sachets by filling them with dried herbs and adding hanger-friendly loops. For more ideas, scroll through our entire collection of handmade gifts.


  • Cotton fabric scraps, in a print and a complementary solid (Liberty Tana Lawn Fabric Stash Pack, Fat 16ths bundle, in Warm Solid, $13.50 for six 9"-by-13" pieces,; Naomi Ito for Kokka Japan Nani Iro Spring 2020 Double-Gauze Fabric, Fat Quarter Bundle, in Meadows, $27 for six 18"-by-22" pieces,; Nani Iro Jardin II Double-Gauze fabric, in A Mustard Base and B Ecru Base, each $4.75 for 1/4 yd.,

  • Sewing machine and supplies

  • Clothing iron

  • Cedar shavings, dried lavender, or uncooked rice and essential oil of your choice, for filling (Atelier Emma Rose Organic Cedar Shavings, $11 for 5 cups,; Atelier Emma Rose Organic Dried Lavender Buds, $16 for 8 oz.,

  • Ribbon, 1/4 inch wide (Studio Carta Cotton Ribbon, 1/4" wide, in Natural, Peach, and Lemon, each $10 for 5 yd.,


  1. Cut out two 4-by-6-inch pieces of fabric, one in the print and the other in the solid. Pin pieces together, with right sides facing in.

  2. Stitch around the four sides with a 3/8-inch seam allowance, leaving an opening at center of top side.

  3. Turn sachet inside-out, poke out corners, and press with iron. Fill with cedar, lavender, or uncooked rice mixed with a few drops of essential oil.

  4. Cut a 5-inch piece of ribbon, fold in half, and tuck ends into sachet opening; pin in place. Hand-stitch opening closed, making sure to enclose ends of ribbon.

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