Greet the season—and neighborhood—with a chic spin on a round wreath.

How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Gather 12 bundles of six 9-inch stems, two bundles of four 12-inch stems, and one bundle of four 15-inch stems. Secure each with floral wire just below the heads and at the ends. Pair up the 9-inch bundles, ends-to-heads, and wire them together, so you have six 9-inch bundles. Do the same for the 12-inch ones, so you have one bundle (again with heads fanning out at both ends). The one 15-inch bundle will have heads at only one end.

Step 2

Arrange three of the 9-inch bundles in parallel diagonal rows. Place the other three atop them, in perpendicular rows, making a diamond shape. Lay the 12-inch bundle across the middle horizontally, and the 15-inch one vertically, heads at the bottom.

Step 3

Wrap all points of intersection with wire, add a dot of glue and cover each with natural twine, then hang your finished creation with ribbon. Or assemble a few (they're that quick) to preside over your dessert spread.


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