Round out your holiday menu with this striking side. These slow-roasted red onions are stuffed with a breadcrumb-parsley filling that is basted with the sweet onion as it cooks. They make a great compliment to mashed potatoes and gravy.

Martha Stewart Living, November 2020


Credit: Paola + Murray

Recipe Summary

30 mins
1 hr 30 mins


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  • Pulse bread in a food processor to coarse (pea-size) crumbs. Spread breadcrumbs on a rimmed baking sheet and let stand at room temperature until stale, at least 12 hours and up to 1 day. (You can also quickly dry out breadcrumbs on a rimmed sheet by baking them in a 225°F oven, stirring once, until dry and beginning to crisp but not develop color, 25 to 30 minutes.)

  • Preheat oven to 400°F. Trim root ends of onions just enough to stand upright but remain intact. Cut top inch off of onions and scoop out several layers from centers with a teaspoon or melon baller; finely chop removed layers and reserve for stuffing mixture (you should have about 1 1/2 cups).

  • Arrange onions, hollowed-sides up, in a baking dish just large enough to hold them snugly side-by-side. Pour a few tablespoons of water into dish. Drizzle onions with oil and season with 1 teaspoon salt. Cover dish with parchment-lined foil. Bake 30 minutes. Uncover and continue baking until tender but still holding shape, 20 to 25 minutes more. Remove from oven; increase temperature to 425°F.

  • Meanwhile, heat 2 tablespoons oil in a small skillet over medium-low. Add reserved chopped onion and cayenne. Cook, stirring occasionally, until soft and golden, about 15 minutes. Transfer to a bowl; let cool slightly. In a food processor, pulse breadcrumbs and parsley just to combine and break down parsley (do not over-process; crumbs should still be coarse). Transfer to bowl with onion mixture, along with lemon zest and remaining 2 tablespoons oil; stir to combine and season to taste. Divide stuffing evenly among onions and drizzle with more oil.

  • Roast until stuffing is golden brown on top, about 25 minutes (if bottoms become dry, add a few more tablespoons water to dish; if tops are browning too quickly, tent with foil). Serve warm.