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soft bobble crocheted baby blanket draped over a chair

This idea comes from our contributor Anne Weil. "The blanket is made with the soft bobble stitch, which makes a lovely round yet flat stitch with a fabulous squish and softness to it," she says. "The soft bobble stitch is fully reversible, identical and stunning from either side. Make this blanket leisurely over time after the announcement of your loved one's impending arrival. Though it looks complicated, it is the same stitch repeated on either side of the blanket, giving an easy meditative project." Before you begin, learn how to crochet.

Finished Size

30" (36") square = 1,140 (1,615) yards of yarn, or 12 (17) balls of the yarn as pictured


12 soft bobbles and 15 bobble rows to 6 inches square in pattern


ch = chain

yo = yarn over

st = stitch

rep = repeat

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Make a foundation chain of 118 (142) ch.

Step 2

1 bobble = Repeat the following set of stitches:[yo and insert hook in St, yo and draw a loop through (A), yo and draw through first 2 loops on hook (B)] 3 times all in the same st (C),yo and draw a loop through all 4 loops on the hook (D).

Step 3

Row 1 1 bobble in 4th ch from hook, *ch 1, skip 1 ch, 1 bobble in next ch; rep from * to end of foundation chain, turn.

Step 4

Row 2 Ch 3 (E), *1 bobble in next 1-ch space between bobbles of previous row, ch 1 (F); rep from * to end of row, working last bobble in top of turning chain, turn. Repeat Row 2 for 66 (80) more rows.

Step 5

Continue around the perimeter of the blanket making double crochets to create a border (G). Make 2 to 3 double crochets for each bobble row or about 118 (142) down the blanket side. Make three double crochets at this and every corner. Make 2 double crochets for each bobble across the bottom. Repeat the border for the second side like the first side, and the border for the top as you did the bottom. Finish by making two double crochets into border where you started (H).

Step 6

Weave in all ends and block blanket. This stitch pattern stretches in width and especially length upon blocking. 


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