An oatmeal canister, a papier-mâché egg for the nose, a cone for the tail, and poster board for the teeth and fins make this shark the catch of day or night. The vest and rod will reel in candy givers hook, line, and sinker.
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shark treat bag for Halloween

Dress up and accessorize a fisherman's Halloween ensemble (Rapid Dominance Boonies Hat, $12,; Foxfire for Kids Junior Adventure Vest, $35, with his or her very own catch of the day—a shark!

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Use a pencil to draw a shark mouth on canister, starting at one end, curving down about two-thirds of the way, then curving up a few inches. Cut out with knife (for candy), making sure it's large enough for small hands to fit through.

Step 2

Hot-glue wide end of papier-mâché egg to end of oatmeal canister where mouth opening starts for snout; let dry completely.

Step 3

Meanwhile, download and print shark template. Cut out eyes, teeth, side fins, tail fin, and dorsal fin, and trace onto poster board. Cut out pieces, paint accordingly, and let dry completely.

Step 4

Cut a 3-inch slit in pointy end of papier-mâché cone, and insert tail fin, curved-edge first, so that it's centered; secure with hot glue. Hot-glue papier-mâché cone to open end of canister, making sure tail fin is perpendicular to it.

Step 5

Hot-glue side fins and dorsal fin to sides and top of body where papier-mâché cone and canister meet. Paint assembled pieces; let dry completely.

Step 6

Hot-glue teeth strips along inner edge of mouth opening. Glue an eye to either side of canister, a couple of inches above mouth opening; let dry completely.

Step 7

Use pin to make a hole at center of shark's snout. Round wire into a loop for handle; twist onto itself to secure. Tuck twisted section of wire inside mouth hole to hide it.


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