For this girl's BFF, bookend an oatmeal canister with paper bowls, and add a papier-mâché egg for the head, and poster board for the ears, tail, legs, and collar. A chic shift and shoes complete the ensemble.
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dog treat bag for Halloween

Dress up and accessorize for a posh lady's ensemble (Hucklebones Gilded Bow Shift Dress, $188, with her very own four-legged friend.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Using knife, cut a rectangular hole (for candy) in side of oatmeal canister, about 1 inch from one end, big enough for small hands to reach in.

Step 2

Trim rims off paper bowls. Hot-glue a trimmed bowl to each end of canister. With canister on its side and candy hole at top, hot-glue papier-mâché egg lengthwise next to hole at one end of canister to form head, so tapered end of egg sticks out past end of canister; let dry completely. Paint assembled pieces brown; let dry completely.

Step 3

Download and print dog template. Cut out legs, ears, tail, collar, and tag; trace onto poster board. Cut out pieces, paint accordingly, and let dry. Glue legs to sides of oatmeal canister; ears to either side of wide end of egg; tail to opposite end of oatmeal canister, so it curves up; and tag to collar, then secure around "neck."

Step 4

Cut rubber ball or pom-pom in half; paint black if necessary, and glue to tapered end of egg; let dry completely. Use marker to draw eyes and mouth on "head."

Step 5

Make handle: Cut out a 12-by-2 1/2-inch strip of poster board. Fold in half and paint both sides; let dry completely. Glue either end to dog interior through candy hole. Let dry completely.


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