No wizardry is required—just a large cardboard box, a piece of poster board, and Roy G. Biv paints. Add a gingham dress, sparkly shoes, and pigtails, and watch your costume troubles melt like lemon drops.
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rainbow treat bag for Halloween

Dress up and accessorize for a Wizard of Oz Dorothy-inspired ensemble (Costumes by June Dorothy of Oz Costume, from $55, Dorothy's Ruby Red Shoes, $25, with a rainbow treat carrier this Halloween.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

With a pencil, draw a rainbow shape on cardboard box, as big as you want your treat carrier to be (ours was 24 inches across bottom, with 10-inch bases at either end); cut out with knife. Make an identical second rainbow shape by tracing the first one onto more cardboard; cut out. Paint a rainbow on one side of each cutout; let dry complet

Step 2

Measure the outer arch of your rainbows, and cut an 8-inch-wide strip of poster board to that length. Cut a hole (for candy), centered in middle of strip, big enough for small hands to reach in.

Step 3

Measure length of one base of rainbows; cut two 6-inch-wide pieces of cardboard to that length. Measure inner arch of your rainbows; cut a 6-inch-wide strip of poster board to that length.

Step 4

Hot-glue ends of one rainbow to two cardboard bases. Hot-glue shorter poster-board strip around inner arch, and longer strip around outer arch, so candy hole is at top of rainbow. Let dry completely.

Step 5

Meanwhile, make handle: Cut out a 12-by-2 1/2-inch strip of poster board. Fold in half and paint both sides; let dry completely. Hot-glue ends of handle to rainbow interior through candy hole; let dry completely.

Step 6

Hot-glue second rainbow to cardboard bases and poster-board arches. Paint exteriors of arches, bases, and handle accordingly; let dry completely.


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