A little craft magic turns a hatbox into a kitty sidekick with paper-plate ears, a paper-bowl snout, and wire whiskers. Dress your sorceress in black, including hat and broom, and she's ready to fly.
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black cat treat bag for Halloween

Dress up and accessorize your little witch's ensemble (Feeke Bacekounefly Halloween Costume Witch-Hat Accessory, $6, amazon.com; Gorlya Girl's Casual Fit-and-Flare Party Dress with Pockets, from $13, amazon.com; Rocky Mountain Goods Small Broom for Kids and Toddlers, $16, amazon.com). All it takes is a bit of craft magic to transform a hatbox into a witch's own kitty sidekick with paper-plate ears, a paper-bowl snout, and wire whiskers.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Using knife, cut lip off hatbox lid; set aside. Cut a hole (for candy) in side of hatbox, big enough for small hands to reach in.

Step 2

Make ears: Cut plate in half. Cut a slit up center of each half to inner rim. Bend sides together to give ears a curve; hot-glue sides together where edges overlap to hold shape. Cut bottom of each ear into a curve to sit flush against side of hatbox. Hot-glue ears to hatbox, one on each side of candy hole. Let dry completely.

Step 3

Meanwhile, make snout: Cut rim off bowl. Hot-glue bowl to top of hat- box lid at bottom, opposite candy hole, so bowl's edge meets lid's edge. Let dry completely.

Step 4

Make handle: Fold hatbox-lid lip in half, and hot-glue ends to hatbox interior through candy hole. Hot-glue lid to box so edges are flush. Paint assembled carrier black; let dry completely.

Step 5

Download and print cat template. Cut out cat eyes and nose, and trace onto cereal box or poster board. Cut out, paint accordingly, and let dry. Glue in place on carrier; let dry completely.

Step 6

Add whiskers: Using pin, poke three parallel holes on either side of snout. Slide a piece of wire through a hole on one side, then out through corresponding hole opposite; repeat for remaining wires. Bend wires slightly to look whisker-like. Use wax pencil to draw on eyebrows and mouth.


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