Old and new bottles and jars alike make the perfect form to create molds. Then, you can cast an assortment of custom candles to light up your home.
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two white bottle candles lit and vase of flowers

This idea comes from our friend Kara Whitten of A Kailo Chic Life. Set an ambience with any bottles or jars you like for a unique assortment of candles to decorate your mantel for fall.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

orange silicone molding in paper cup
Step 1

To make a candle mold out of bottles and jars: Stir two part pourable silicone molding liquid, according to the package directions. (Note: The one used for these molds called for 10 parts liquid A and one part liquid B. Use a scale to ensure your measurements are accurate.) Mix the two liquids until well combined.

bottle positioned in paper cup and silicone
Step 2

Position a bottle or jar in one of the paper cups, top up. Pour the liquid silicone around the bottle until it's filled to the brim. Tap gently to remove any trapped air bubbles. Let set for 24 hours. (Tip: You may need to place a weight like an old book or such over the bottle in the paper cup to keep it weighted down and prevent the bottle from floating up until the silicone is set.)

paper cup containing bottle and silicone
Step 3

Remove the entire mold from container by cutting away the paper or plastic cup. Use sharp scissors to cut down the side of the mold to remove the glass bottle or jar.

Step 4

To make a candle: Begin to melt the wax in the melting pitcher placed in a double boiler over the stove.

Step 5

Use duct tape to tape the cut side seam together well so that any wax does not leak out when filled. Place wick at the bottom of the mold, ensuring that the wick used is long enough to come out of the top of the mold at least 2 inches.

removing mold from container
Step 6

Once the beeswax is melted, gently pour wax into the mold to the top. Use a pencil or ruler to hold the wick in place in the center of the bottle or jar opening. Let cool completely. Melt your beeswax again and top off the candle to fill in any wick holes that developed during the cooling phase. Let set overnight to fully cool.

two white bottle candles and vase of flowers
Step 7

Remove the duct tape and remove your newly shaped candle from the mold.

Step 8

Optional: If a scent for your candle is desired, add a few drops of candle fragrance oil to the melted beeswax and stir in before pouring into your mold.


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