Iridescent iron-on vinyl makes this easy costume shine in the best possible way. By pairing the skeleton bones with a skirt, the bones look to be dancing with each step.
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child posing in iridescent skeleton costume

For Halloween, learn how to make a skeleton costume for kids. Use our printable template of bones and iridescent iron-on vinyl in this no-sew ensemble. For more ideas, scroll through our entire collection of Halloween costume ideas.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

black clothing and iridescent vinyl bones
Step 1

For the skirt: Cut 1 yard black knit fabric, measuring twice the circumference of the waist and the length of the hips to the floor. Fold over the top 1 inch and sew a simple channel for the elastic leaving 2 inches un-sewn to thread the elastic through.

Step 2

Feed the elastic through the channel and then stitch the ends together; sew the channel closed.

Step 3

Use a vinyl cutting machine with the template to cut out the bone shapes from a 36- to 48-inch sheet of iridescent vinyl. If not using a cutting machine, print out the template and use scissors to cut out the bone shapes from the vinyl sheets.

iridescent vinyl bones ironed onto black clothing
Step 4

Lay out the shirt and skirt and place the bones in the correct locations, then iron on high for 30 seconds over each cutout piece. Remove the plastic backing.


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