Chiffon fabrics in a pink, feminine hue brings a modern twist to an otherwise ghoulish costume.
girl posing in light pink mummy costume

For Halloween, learn how to make mummy costume for kids. Chiffon fabrics in a pink, feminine hue brings a modern twist to an otherwise ghoulish costume. For more ideas, scroll through our entire collection of Halloween costume ideas.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

light pink mummy costume materials
Step 1

Tear 2 1/2 yards of chiffon fabric into 3-inch-wide strips. (Tip: The more fraying, the better, to give this costume a mummified look.)

light pink mummy costume skirt
Step 2

For the skirt, cut strips of chiffon in half and use a cow hitch knot to loop the strips around the elastic. Bunch together the strips as you go to create a full tattered and torn skirt. Once the elastic is filled, sew the ends together to form the circle skirt.

light pink mummy costume shirt
Step 3

Pin strips onto the shirt, crisscrossing as you work your way across and down the front. Stitch through the center of each strip to attach the chiffon to the shirt until the shirt is completely covered.

Step 4

For the finishing touch, use extra strips of frayed chiffon to wrap around the limbs and head.


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