Loop lengths of sun-bleached rope around a few looking glasses, and you can deck out your home with the fairest maritime style of them all.
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three rope mirrors arranged above hearth

Glue inexpensive mirrors onto slightly larger wooden cutouts, and adhere natural line, like (from left) manila, hemp, or jute. Finish the ends with jute twine using our quick whipping technique, and reflect on your handiwork. We used materials in the following dimensions: 16-inch wooden circle cutout, 14-inch table mirror, and 1 1/2-inch jute rope; 13-inch wooden circle cutout, 10-inch table mirror, 1-inch manila rope, and 3/4-inch manila rope; 12-inch wooden circle cutout, 10-inch table mirror, and 1-inch hemp rope.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Center mirror on wooden base; trace with a pencil.

Step 2

Spread construction adhesive on the base within the traced circle. Press table mirror in place to adhere; let dry completely per adhesive's drying instructions.

Step 3

Lay rope around the mirror, and trim so that the ends meet. Secure ends together by wrapping with duct tape. (If you want to add two circles of rope, measure the outer rope circle first.)

Step 4

Cover tape by tying a whipping knot over it using jute twine, as shown above: Bend twine into a loose loop near one end, and place over taped area of rope so top of loop and loose ends extend just beyond tape; bring long end of twine behind rope (A). Wrap twine over rope, and repeat to cover tape (B). When tape is covered, stick twine through loop (C). Pull ends of twine to tighten (D), and snip excess.

Step 5

Hot-glue rope circle to wooden cutout, adhering outer circle first if working with two (it's okay if inner rope overlaps mirror a bit). Let dry.


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