Honor your grandmother's, mother's, or loved one's recipe with this thoughtful gift. A family heirloom such as this will be cherished in your kitchen and the kitchens of generations to come.
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handwritten recipe on pie plate displayed

This idea comes from our friend Ashley Poskin. "The only possible equivalent to a beloved family recipe is opening your recipe box and seeing that beloved recipe in your grandmother's handwriting," she says. "The lines and curves of her penmanship are so familiar, it's almost like hearing her voice. In the days of online pinboards and digital everything, it's more important than ever to preserve the beauty of a handwritten recipe and display it proudly as art where it can be seen all the time."

Before you start, wipe down the inside of your pie plate with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner to prepare it for painting. It's important to note that some glass paint pens are not recommended for direct contact with food.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

handwritten recipe on pie plate materials
Step 1

Scan your recipe, and scale up or down to fit the dimensions of your pie plate. If possible, make the dimensions as large as you can—this will make painting the plate easier.

handwritten recipe on pie plate step 1
Step 2

Cut out the paper copy and a similar size sheet of graphite paper. Layer the graphite paper behind the photocopy of the recipe, position the darkest side face down on the plate, and tape it into place.

handwritten recipe on pie plate step 2
Step 3

Using a pen or sharp pencil, carefully trace over the recipe. Remove the photocopy and graphite paper to reveal the transferred text.

handwritten recipe on pie plate step 3
Step 4

Using a light hand, trace over the graphite transfer with a glass paint marker, being very careful not to smudge any paint. Stop after every few words to shake the pen, pressing the tip down to let more paint flow to the tip. Let cure for eight hours.

handwritten recipe on pie plate on shelf
Step 5

Place the dish in a cool oven and bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn off the oven, open the door, and let the plate cool completely while inside the oven. Once cool, gently wash with warm soapy water to remove any leftover graphite.


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