Make your home's entrance a little more inviting with a wreath using dried pussy willow, eucalyptus, and rice flowers. The fillable metal base can be changed with the seasons.
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spring wreath on a door

It's easy to make a wreath in any style. This fillable metal base—combining elements of the Himmeli-inspired geometric shape in a brass finish—can be decorated with fresh flowers, foraged evergreen branches, or small ornaments. We like both Terrain's Fillable Metal Wreath Base ($42, and Modlode Geometric Wreath ($95, Hang it on the front door and swap out elements to change as the seasons do. For spring, we used dried flowers and greenery, including one of Martha's favorites: pussy willow branches.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Using pruning shears, cut the stems of all varieties down to size.

Step 2

Fill the wreath base with larger floral varieties like eucalyptus and pussy willow.

Step 3

Using floral tape, tie bundles of smaller varieties like rice flowers, then tuck them into the wreath. Use as many as needed to fill any gaps and achieve the desired look. (Tip: We added a sprig of weeping eucalyptus for organic asymmetrical shape in the bottom right corner.)


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