Floral Glass-Bead Napkin Rings

These napkin rings are just the botanical bling your spring table needs. And they come together with ease and elegance, thanks to two unexpected resources: inexpensive Czech glass, which is commonly used to make ornate chandeliers, and good old crafts-store glass beads.

a set of napkins with floral beads cinched in the middle

Use gold wire to shape rings, then twist on the "leaves" and "berries." Just like that, you've propagated your new favorite perennials. Once you've finished your craft, use it to decorate your favorite napkins—we likeWest Elm Belgian Flax Linen Napkins ($36 for 4, westelm.com).

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  1. Shape a 7-inch piece of gold wire into a ring. The chandelier beads come prestrung on lengths of thin gold-colored wire; twist two sprigs of them together, then wrap their wires onto ring to secure.

  2. Thread a berry bead onto a 2-inch piece of wire. Add a dot of hot glue to berry bead to secure to wire. Nestle into center of leaf beads; twist wire to secure. Repeat, adding as many berries as desired.

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