Stitch this leprechaun-size symbol of good fortune onto a loved one's shirt cuff, hankie, or scarf to share the luck of the Irish.
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embroidered four-leaf clover on a man's shirt cuff

This embroidery project uses the chain stitch (learn about embroidery stitches, including the chain stitch). Otherwise, iron a serendipitous patch (below) onto a kid's scarf. It's not quite a pot of gold, but they'll treasure it just the same and be happy to wear it year-round. (Patch Parlor Four-Leaf Clover Patches, $3.50 for 3, Patch Parlor Mini Ladybug Patches, $3.50 for 3, Patch Parlor Silver Horseshoe Patches, $3.25 for 6,

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Download and print out template. Turn it over. Scribble over entire area of four-leaf-clover design with tailor's pencil. Flip over paper, place on item you want to embroider, and trace over lines of design hard with tailor's pencil to transfer onto fabric. Remove paper. If lines on fabric are too faint to see clearly, darken with tailor's pencil.

Step 2

Thread needle with green embroidery floss. For a more delicate four-leaf clover, or for easier stitching on thicker fabric, separate floss and use just a few threads.

Step 3

Starting at center of clover, stitch over a line on one side of a leaf, then stitch over the line opposite it, bringing needle back to center of leaf. Repeat until you reach tip of leaf, then stitch your way back down middle.

Step 4

Repeat to cover remaining leaves with stitches.

Step 5

To finish stem, stitch over line with chain stitches.


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