Our all-natural starters have a base of cedar shavings, and are sprinkled with other sweet-smelling items found in nature like pine needles and fragrant dried flowers and herbs—all of which will burn to help fuel your fire.
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wax fire starters

This idea comes from our friend Ashley Poskin. "This method is a fantastic way to create a large number of fire starters all at once," she says, "and looks beautifully rustic in a jar displayed next to your fireplace, waiting to be of service on your next cozy fireside evening."

You'll need to pick up a few items you may not already have like soy or beeswax and cotton wicks, but everything else can be found in your home or backyard. If you're looking for specific items like dried chamomile or whole cloves, check out your local farmers' market for a large range of items. Instead of trekking through the woods to find tinder and kindling (which can be a time consuming task), simply pop one of these sweet smelling fuel-filled starters in the fire and add a few logs.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

wax fire starters step 1
Step 1

Gather herbs and spices you want to use in your fire starters and break them into smaller pieces that will fit into the carton's cups. (Note: We used cinnamon bark, star anise, bay leaves, pine clippings, dried rose petals and chamomile, and whole nutmeg.)

wax fire starters step 2
Step 2

Set the egg carton on a sheet pan lined with wax paper. (Note: Once you add the melted candle wax, it will leak through the cardboard a bit, so this method is easiest for cleanup.) Pack the bottom of each cup with cedar shavings. Be sure not to overfill, but get a good amount in there so that the melted wax won't flow right out through the bottom. Designate a microwavable jar for the purpose of melting your wax, fill it with flakes, and microwave until completely melted.

wax fire starters step 3
Step 3

Fill each cup to full with a handful of dried spices and herbs, then cut a 2-inch length of cotton wick, and add one to each cup.

wax fire starters step 1
Step 4

Slowly stream a small amount of melted wax into each cup, covering just the bottom layer of cedar shavings. Chances are you'll need to melt more wax, which will allow time for the first pour to set up so that less wax can leak out through the bottom. Continue to fill the cups, making sure the wick doesn't fall in or get covered in wax. Once the wax dries, you can cut out each individual cup and place in a dry place or waterproof canister for storage.


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