Fill these striking boxes with your valentine's favorite things. 
handmade heart shaped boxes with bows

How do you plan to celebrate Valentine's Day, the holiday devoted to love and friendship? We have a suggestion. Delight your valentine on February 14 by surprising him or her with a handmade box filled with their favorite sweet treats, as Martha does. Slightly imprecise borders add to the charm of this adorable gift.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Fill box with treats. (If including unwrapped food, add waxed or parchment paper.)

heart shaped box tracing paper illustration
Step 2

Trace the top of the box lid onto colored paper.

cutting heart of out paper illustration
Step 3

Cut out the heart, about 3⁄8 inch inside the line. (The paper heart should be slightly smaller than the box lid.) Cut two 2 1⁄4-inch-wide-by-17-inch-long strips of paper to cover the outer sides of the lid.

cutting heart of out paper illustration
Step 4

Paint the inside and outside of the bottom half of the box; paint the interior of the box lid and a 1-inch border on the box-lid top. Let dry completely.

heart shaped box spraying on adhesive
Step 5

Spray adhesive onto paper heart and strips; press onto top of the box lid and outer sides of the lid. Measure and cut out dividers from posterboard, or use smaller heart boxes (as shown below, and on page 8 and page 17, top right), trimming the base of each so it's the same height as the larger one. Paint dividers or smaller boxes; let dry completely. With hot-glue gun, stick dividers or smaller boxes in box. Assemble paper bow for lid.

print and cut paper bow template illustration
Step 6

To make the bows, print out templates at 200%, then trace the patterns onto the colored paper you want to use for the bow. Cut out all elements

painting edges of paper bow illustration
Step 7

Paint the edges by brushing on a 3/8-inch-wide border around each piece with a contrasting color; let dry. (We used Martha Stewart multi-surface satin acrylic craft paints.)

assembling paper bow illustration
Step 8

With adhesive dots or double-sided tape, attach the two loops together, overlapping the ends by about an inch. Cover the seams with the knot piece and glue or tape closed. Fold the ties and attach to the back of the bow. Stick the finished bow on the box at an angle.


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