Paper Dreidel

Looking for a fun way to add to the table décor at your Hanukkah celebration? Try this clever idea for presenting a dreidel filled with gold coins, party confetti, or even a special message—making everyone who receives one feel like a winner.

paper dreidel

This idea comes from our friend Ashley Poskin. "Paper straws covered lollipop sticks add to the playfulness of the theme," she says, "and can be customized to match whatever theme or color paper you choose." Learn how to play the game of dreidel, plus its meaning through history.

For more ideas, scroll through our entire guide to Hanukkah crafts and decorations.


  1. Download and print the template; cut out onto patterned paper.

  2. Using a hole punch, punch an opening (over the small circle outline of the template) to feed through a lollipop stick.

  3. Fold paper along the dotted lines. Place double-sided tape along the folded edges marked as "adhesive." Fold the paper into the shape of a dreidel.

  4. Trim a paper straw to 6 inches and slide it over the lollipop stick. (Note: The wrapper will allow the straw to fit tightly enough that you won't need to use an adhesive.) Place the candy end of the lollipop down inside of the paper dreidel so that it sits at the point, then carefully poke the stick end up and out through the circular opening.

  5. Optional: If you choose not to put a lollipop inside the dreidel, place an uncut full-size paper straw through the hole, making sure it goes all the way down to the point of the dreidel so that it sits evenly. Depending on what you choose to fill the dreidel, you may need to use a small piece of tape to keep the lid closed. (Note: Washi tape is a great option because it's decorative and can be removed easily, without destroying your creation.)

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