These fellows of few words were made from cone-shaped foam and felt, with faux-fur beards and spun cotton balls for hands and noses. To give the gnomes' hats an endearing curve, break the tips of the foam cones after wrapping them in felt.
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How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Download and print templates, scaling to the size gnome you want. Cut out, pin to felt, and cut out pieces.

Step 2

Wrap pants piece around cone. Hot-glue edges together in back. Cut out a triangle of craft fur for beard; hot-glue to front. Roll one arm piece into a cone shape; hot-glue edges together, then hot-glue to cone. Repeat for second arm.

Step 3

Wrap hat piece around top of cone; hot-glue edges together in back. Hot-glue cotton balls to ends of arms and middle of beard. Let dry completely, then break cone's tip to give hat a slight curve.


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