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Do Men's and Women's Brains Really Work Differently? A New Study Says Yes
A team of researchers from Stanford Medicine found 1,000 gene-activation differences between female and male brains.
The Milky Way Could Be Home to Earth-Like Planets That Feature Continents and Oceans
In their new study, researchers out of the University of Copenhagen note that the presence of water is key for habitable conditions.
Martha Reveals "Another Fabulous Haircut" by Her Hairdresser of More Than 35 Years
"We had a great time," our founder wrote of her longtime hairdresser Frederic Fekkai, who gave her a new chop on Friday.
How Soon After Having a COVID Breakthrough Infection Should You Get a Booster Shot?
CDC advises a booster once you're well, but some doctors suggest waiting a little longer.
A Recent Survey Finds the Average Person Loses 26 Days Each Year Doing Nothing
The biggest time wasters include waiting on hold while on the phone, standing in lines, and sitting in traffic.
How to Form Lasting Good-for-You Habits—and No, It Doesn't Involve Sticking with Them for 21 Days
Establishing healthy, lasting habits isn't a feat of will power; it's a matter of fitting them seamlessly into your life. And science shows that with a few smart strategies, you can retrain your brain to enjoy those good-for-you activities. Follow these tips to make any resolution simply routine.

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An Asteroid Larger Than the Tallest Building on Earth Will Pass By Our Planet in Record Proximity Today
Catch the livestream to spot this out-of-this-world and "potentially hazardous" event beginning at 3 p.m. eastern time today.
Three Ways to Honor Black History Month This Year
Celebrate African American voices and educate yourself on Black history during February and beyond.
Martha Ran Into Pete Davidson at Nobu Having Dinner with Friends: "No Not Kim Kardashian!"

"Cute guys," Martha said of Pete Davidson and Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski after spotting them at Nobu Malibu on Monday night.