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Adding Milk to Your Coffee May Reduce Inflammation, New Research Shows
Researchers out of the University of Copenhagen found that combining the antioxidants in coffee with the protein in milk can ultimately benefit your health.
Celebrating Every Good Thing—Big and Small—Will Help You Live Longer, New Study Says
Recognizing every positive life event can increase your perceived social support, which may contribute to your overall health and well-being, research shows.
Short, Brisk Walks Aren't Just Good for Your Body—They Can Also Protect Your Brain as You Age, New Research Shows
A study found that even small amounts of moderate to vigorous exercise can improve short-term memory, verbal fluency, and processing skills.
Princess Eugenie Is Pregnant With Her Second Child—and Is Due This Summer
August is going to be a big brother! Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, are expanding their family.
The USDA Just Cracked Down on Organic Food Regulations for the First Time in 30 Years
The new, stricter rules, which will impact what can (and can't) be labeled as organic, go into effect on March 20. Food producers will have a full year to comply.

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Have a Gas Stove? Don't Panic—Here's How to Make This Hotly Debated Appliance Safer
While studies have shown gas stoves emit harmful gasses, like methane and nitrogen oxides, there are a few ways you can make the appliance safer for you and the environment.
Your iPhone Has a Secret White Noise Feature—Here's How to Turn It on for Better Sleep or Focus
This function can stand in for your noise machine when you travel or help you stay concentrated at work.