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Mile-High Triple-Chocolate-Espresso Mousse Pie

Recipe photo courtesy of Christopher Testani

This pie is all about the slow reveal: It appears to be a simple chocolate mousse with a cookie crust. Cut into it, though, and guests will gasp at this triple layered (and flavored!) dessert. Since it's the perfect choice for a special occasion like Thanksgiving or Christmas, we made this icebox creation as make-ahead friendly as possible. Fill and chill up to two days ahead, then dust with cocoa powder before serving.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2019
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Espresso Cream


Cook's Notes

If you are concerned about using raw eggs, look for the pasteurized variety at the store.

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  • crosales2565975
    24 OCT, 2019
    I had an issue with part of the recipe. When I added the room temperature yolk and vanilla to the two melted chocolate and stirred them in, both the semisweet and milk chocolate seized up. I continued with adding the meringue and the whipped cream but you are not able to fold them in. The pie had solid pieces of chocolate in the mousse. I broke up the larger pieces to make them more palatable. The pie was a great success at my luncheon with the comments that they liked the chunks of chocolate in the pie. Also, the pie must be kept cold until just before serving to keep the mousse consistency. If not very chilled, the pie is very soft. I will definitely make it again but would like for it not to be so labor entensive folding in the meringue and whipped cream.
    • donnalrosenberg
      9 NOV, 2019
      Both of my chocolates also seized. I was able to save the milk chocolate, however, the bittersweet chocolate just would not recover no matter how hard I tried. I used my regular mousse recipe for the bittersweet one. I have guests coming tomorrow evening...hopefully it will turn out ok.
    • chefhruska
      5 NOV, 2019
      This does not work as written. Just like the previous commenter I had both chocolate mousse bases seize up like concrete after adding the egg yolks. I am a chef and have tempered my fair share of eggs- this wasn't user error! I had to completely remake the chocolate mousses adding the egg yolk along with some whipped cream and then very, very quickly fold in the egg whites. It is simply a flawed recipe. That being said, after I remade the mousses the cake was truly divine. Please fix this!
    • kathleenshugrue
      3 NOV, 2019
      I read the previous comments so was careful about not adding the egg yolk to the melted chocolate until it was cool but both still seized up. I was able to 'unsieze' the chocolate by very carefully adding boiling water by the teasponful to the chocolate and stirring until it was loose enough to mix in the meringue. The mixture was smooth and there were no chunks. I'm still waiting to see how it sets up but I'm feeling optimistic.
    • kimconover
      30 OCT, 2019
      I don't think you mixed the chocolate into the heated cream until it was smooth. And it seized up because you added the yolk and vanilla while the mixture was too hot.
    • CKL22327434
      27 OCT, 2019
      This happened to me too. I used the whisk to get the lumps out. I added additional whipped cream to get the correct consistency on the dark chocolate. Clearly a problem with recipe.

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