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Whether you're hosting a Halloween celebration with your quarantine pod, a grown-up brunch with immediate family, or a relative's virtual baby shower, there's always something worth celebrating. Learn how to host and entertain—for even the smallest of occasions—the Martha way thanks to our theme ideas, menus, DIY décor inspiration, and etiquette advice.

Halloween Inspiration

How to Set Up a Trick-or-Treat Station on Your Front Porch

This Halloween, costumed kids can grab candy from winged bats encircling this little haunted house.

Food Superstitions from Around the World to Add to Your Halloween Menu

While the medieval days of bad-luck eggs and bread are long gone, this folklore—and its eerie undertone—remains.

How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner at Home While Maintaining Social Distancing

It's a classic case of "whodunnit" that involves picking a them, assigning roles to everyone in the family, and preparing a decadent spread. And you can do it safely at home right now.

Six Virtual Escape Rooms That'll Keep Everyone Entertained on Halloween

From spellbound games to bank heists and more, these online adventures are as thrilling and challenging as the real thing.

A Halloween Dinner by Candlelight Proves Eerily Elegant

Your family will enjoy the six-layered elderberry cake, dried floral arrangements, and ghostly spirits served in a glass.

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