These Indoor Grow Lights Are Surprisingly Chic

Cultivate your in-home garden in style with these unique LED light bulbs.

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Photo: Courtesy of GE Lighting

Green thumbs, rejoice: GE Lighting just released a new line of grow lights that are every bit as functional as they are fun to look at. Designed to make your indoor gardening endeavors-think houseplants, herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers-thrive sans a lick of natural light or outdoor space, this clever invention means even those living in the darkest of homes can now successfully grow their own plants. The best part is, these light bulbs blend seamlessly in with the rest of your décor and work in lights you already own. "Indoor grow lights open the palette of where you can plant plants indoors, what types of plants you can successfully own, and how your plant is going to look a year or two down the road," says Adam Besheer, co-founder of Greenery Unlimited. "For apartments with bad light, the types of plants you can successfully grow inside are limited unless you install a grow light."

Using a prescribed LED light spectrum with high Photosynthic Photon Flux (PPF)-the same cutting-edge technology that's used to cultivate plants at commercial farms-GE's Grow Lights mimic natural light temperatures to help your plants reach their full growth despite being indoors. When used correctly (with the right level of PPF), these grow lights can make your indoor plants grow even faster than they would outside under sunlight. Currently, available at retailers nationwide, the line features a a variety of wattages and spectrums specifically designed to help cultivate everything from houseplants (BR-30) to flowering plants (PAR-38). That means that, with the right grow light, you can successfully raise a veggie garden in your basement in less time than it would take to grow in your backyard. Still not convinced? Here are a handful of reasons why you might want to consider these unique grow lights for your own home.

Courtesy of GE Lighting

They stylishly simulate natural light.

Unlike some grow light solutions that emit shades of blue, red or purple, these grow lights are engineered to produce a natural-looking white light. Translation: You can grow your indoor garden in plain sight without any flashy-and unattractive-colored light bulbs in the background.

They're easy to install.

Design to fit just about any standard light fixture, simply screw a GE Grow Light bulb into your fixture of choice and voila: you've got natural-quality indoor light in seconds-no special hardware or additional purchases necessary.

They're better for the environment (and your wallet).

Like any LED light, GE's Grow Lights are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent ones. Not only will using these clever grow lights help save the environment because they require less energy consumption, they'll keep your monthly electric bill down, too.

They'll last for years.

Engineered to last up to 25,000 hours-or three years based on a 12 hour a day usage-GE's LED floodlights, linear tubes, and integrated fixtures are designed to outlive traditional incandescent bulbs so you get more bang for your buck.

They're affordable.

Starting at just $11.99 on Amazon (for a 9-Watt Balanced Spectrum BR30 bulb), these savvy grow lights are super affordable considering all they do.

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