Our Favorite Front Porch Ideas for Summer

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A welcoming front porch is essential to laid-back summer living. "Summer is all about being outside," says Rebecca Hawkins, head buyer at Celadon. "And your porch is a prime spot for entertaining and hanging out."

To spruce up the porch for the season, prioritize comfort and charm. "Above all else, a well-decorated summer porch should be a relaxing place to be," says Hawkins. "It should feel like you've brought the warmth of your interior outdoors."

Ideally, the porch is a comfortable gathering spot for dining al fresco, or simply "an oasis where your guests can kick back," Hawkins says. She recommends furnishing it with pieces made of solid teak wood, which weathers nicely and withstands the elements. And no summer-friendly porch would be complete without plenty of lush greenery. "Whether you hang up planters or plant hydrangeas in pots, the more greenery on your porch the better," Hawkins says. Here are a few foolproof ways to turn your porch into an outdoor oasis in no time.

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Suspend a Porch Swing


Nothing says summer quite like a good old-fashioned porch swing. Bring your current seating off the ground by hooking it to the ceiling of your porch with some rope and heavy-duty hanging hooks, or invest in a brand-new swing to make your whole porch feel light and airy.

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Add a Ceiling Fan

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In the summertime, a ceiling fan on the front porch is a blessing. Incorporating one into your porch décor is key to enjoyable outdoor entertaining.

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Add More Greenery


There's no such thing as too much greenery when decorating your porch for summer. Layer in as many plants as possible to forge a naturally lush and seasonal porch.

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Hang Some Planters

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If you're not working with a ton of floor space, do yourself (and your porch) a favor and make your very own wire hanging baskets so you can show off your houseplants in style.

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Upgrade a Daybed

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What's more relaxing than lounging outside on something soft, cool, and comfy? Instead of traditional outdoor seating, invest in an all-weather daybed with a canvas mattress cover so you can read, nap, and drink frozen margaritas on your porch all summer long.

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Grab Some Throw Pillows

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"Update the throw pillows on your porch for an instant refresh," Hawkins says. "Rotate them out seasonally, showcasing brighter colors during the summer."

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Make a Versatile Sitting Stool

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A reliable sitting stool can provide some much-needed seating when entertaining guests on your porch this summer. Make your own customized camp stool to forge a convenient seat that doubles as a side table for your porch.

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Lay Down a Weatherproof Rug

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"Bring some indoor elements outside by adding an outdoor rug to your porch to help define the space," Hawkins says. "Rugs made of 100% PET, a recycled plastic, are fade resistant and easy to clean. You can even spray them down with a hose!"

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Use a Fire Pit

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Whether you choose to DIY or buy one, a fire pit is a perfect addition for cozy warmth.

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Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

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A crisp coat of exterior paint can go a long way when updating your porch for summer. Whether you repaint your trim and window shudders or just touch up your porch rails, a fresh coat of paint will make your whole porch look brand new.

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Create Ambient Lighting


Transform a traditional porch trellis into a sparkly summer oasis with nothing more than string lights. Wrap a few strands around your porch's post columns for an instant touch of drama or cover your entire trellis in hanging lantern lights to soften up your porch lighting.

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Employ Topiaries

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Never underestimate the impact of well-placed topiaries on your front porch. Place a pair on either side of your front door to make a sleek and symmetrical statement without overpowering the rest of the area. You can even make your own for a fun summer DIY project.

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Paint the Ceiling

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Painting a porch ceiling can actually make the space feel bigger and brighter, as long as you choose the right color.

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