Where else would you store spices, cutting boards, and bottles of olive oil?
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Impractically narrow kitchen cabinets-usually located between appliances or at the end of a row of cabinets-can seem like a design after-thought, something used to fill space rather than be useful. But, "narrow cabinets in a kitchen can actually be quite useful," promises Lanna Ali-Hassan, co-owner of Beyond the Box Interiors, if you learn to use them correctly. Here are five tips to get the most out of these frustratingly small spaces.

Store Spices, Oils, and Vinegars

Buy narrow, deep bins-like these from the Container Store-and fill them with bottles of olive oil, vinegars, and other liquids, suggests Susan Santoro, owner of Organized 31. "The bin makes it easy to slide all the bottles out so you can select the exact one you want," she points out. Or, if your narrow cabinet doesn't have shelves, consider purchasing an interior organizer with drawers that glide, like this one on Amazon, to make storing spices a cinch.

Slide in Cutting Boards and Baking Sheets

Cutting boards, baking sheets, and cooling racks slide easily into narrow cabinets without shelves, says Ali-Hassan. "This is a great way to avoid stacking these items under your range or on top of one another in another cabinet," she says. "Now, you don't have to lift everything out to get to the cutting board or baking sheet that you need." If you're not using a divider to separate items, certified professional organizer Amy Trager recommends leaning heavier pieces on one side and lighter pieces on the other. "This will help prevent small or delicate items from getting crushed under the weight or huge boards," she says.

Organize Your Pot and Pan Lids

Using the narrow, deep bins referenced above, you can store pot and pan lids vertically, says Santoro. "This type of bin usually allows you to store up to 12 lids, and you can pull the bin out to easily access all the lids, even those way in the back of the cabinet," she says. And, "filing lids vertically, just like file folders, makes it easy to reach the exact lid you want."

Store Foils and Wraps

Magazine holders-like these by Martha Stewart-can work wonders in narrow cabinets, helping you to organize foils and other wraps container in narrow boxes. "The magazine organizers keep the wraps neatly organized and are simple to pull out, set on the counter, and access the items you want," says Santoro. (Plus, you can label them for added ease!)

Contain Pot Holders and Oven Mitts

Using magazine holders (again), you can file pot holders vertically-or, stack them lying flat on shelves, says Trager. "It's a small item that tends to get lost in the shuffle in larger drawers," she explains. "Keeping them in one designated spot will also help keep them clean and unscathed by other kitchen tools."


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