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charcoal mask

This idea comes from our friend Caylin Harris. If you stroll through any beauty aisle these days, you'll see that charcoal is the star ingredient in everything from whitening toothpastes to facial cleansers. Adding charcoal to beauty products is supposed to act like a magnet to attract dirt and oil, whisking it out of your pores before it can cause skin issues. This DIY mask is a cinch to mix up whenever you feel like your face needs a little refresh. The combination of powdered clay and charcoal helps smooth, tighten, and condition your skin.

As a note, charcoal powder has a tendency to get everywhere because it's so fine. Keep in mind that it can also stain some surfaces, so avoid getting the charcoal powder on anything you wouldn't want stained.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

making a charcoal face mask
Step 1

Add a few drops of essential oil to every two tablespoons of distilled water. (Note: If you don't have essential oil, you can use rose water instead. The essential oil just gives it a nice scent. You could skip it if you'd like.) Stick to oils that won't irritate your skin, and opt for something soothing like lavender. Set aside.

making a charcoal face mask
Step 2

Measure out a tablespoon of clay powder and pour it in a large mixing bowl.

making a charcoal face mask
Step 3

Add a tablespoon of charcoal powder to the clay.

making a charcoal face mask
Step 4

Add a tablespoon of the essential oil infused water to dry ingredients and mix. Look at the consistency and decide if you need to add more. You don't want it to be too runny or too dry, so add a little more water until it's smooth and spreadable.


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