Instead of tucking a basic pet bed out of sight, create a custom one that acts as both a retreat for your buddy and a unique piece of furniture for your home.
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As any pet owner knows, cozy cushions for our furry friends are a necessity. Even so, it can be difficult to find some that fit the design aesthetic of your home. Instead of tucking away a pet bed out of sight, custom build one that acts as both a bed for your buddy and a unique piece of furniture for your home. This DIY project creates a finished retreat that's as fun as it is functional.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Use pliers to remove the existing hanger bolts from all four legs.

Step 2

Discard the hanger bolts and set the legs aside.

Step 3

Turn the suitcase upside down and determine where the legs will go, trace around the placement of each leg. Mark the radius of each circle so you'll know where to pre-drill the hole for the lag screw.

Step 4

Using a 5/16-inch drill bit, pre-drill a hole for the lag screw. If the interior of your suitcase is fabric, the bit may not have made its way all the way through. The easiest way to get the hole drilled through is to turn the suitcase right side up, feel for the hole, and punch the drill bit down from the interior through the bottom of the suitcase.

Step 5

Place the washer around the lag screw and begin to thread the screw down from the interior of the suitcase so that it sticks out of the bottom.

Step 6

Once the screw makes it all the way down to the surface of the bottom of the suitcase, thread the leg on from the bottom. (Note: This step is easier with an extra set of hands, but is possible to accomplish on your own if you hold the bolt in place with a wrench while threading on the leg.) Repeat process for the remaining legs.

Step 7

Place the pillowcase around the pillow and stuff it inside the suitcase. (Note: King pillowcases make it easy to fold the excess under, so if your pup ruffles up the fabric, the case won't slip off as easily. If you're using a larger suitcase or a trunk, consider various sizes and shapes of pillows that match the shape and size of your case.)

Step 8

Optional: To keep the suitcase from sliding around on a smooth floor, consider sticking rubber pads to the bottom of the feet on the suitcase.


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