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If you're like most people, you like to start your mornings with a shot of caffeine. While drinking a cup of joe is wonderful, the caffeine in coffee also has many healthy benefits for your skin—it's packed with antioxidants, boosts blood flow, and acts as a natural exfoliator. Here, this all-natural ingredient shines in three our homemade beauty projects including bar soaps, a body scrub, and a bottled infused oil.

coffee body scrub

Coffee & Brown Sugar Body Scrub

In a mixing bowl, combine 1/4 cup of organic brown sugar—such as Wholesome Organics Dark Brown Sugar ($25.99, amazon.com)—1/2 cup of fresh coffee grinds, 1/4 cup of sweet almond oil,—such as ArtNaturals Premium Sweet Almond Oil ($11.99, walmart.com)—and vanilla essential oil. You can substitute olive oil or carrier oils, but avoid oils such as coconut that solidifies as it has the potential to harden and block your drainage pipes. Transfer it to an airtight glass bottle. With fresh unused coffee grinds, the shelf life of this body scrub will be six months to a year.

coffee infused body oil

Coffee Infused Oil

There are two techniques to try in making this infused oil: hot method and cold method. Both call for the same ingredients, but the hot method uses a double boiler or crock pot (which is much speedier) while the cold method doesn't (which takes a longer infusion time).

For the hot method, start by heating one cup of coconut oil on the stove in a double boiler. In the absence of this appliance, you can recreate the effect a double boiler by heating water in a cooking pot filled halfway on medium to low heat. Add a small pot, like a saucepan, that sits above the water and leaves the edges of the bigger pot uncovered. Add the oil and 1/2 cup of freshly ground coffee, and leave on heat for several hours. Once it's well combined, strain the infused oil through a coffee filter letting it drip into a clean cup for an hour or two. Pour the infused oil into a glass bottle with an eyedropper, such as Eternal Amber Glass Bottle with Eyedropper ($23.99 for 48, amazon.com), and enjoy.

For the cold method, combine fresh ground coffee and coconut oil in an airtight glass bottle. Set it aside for a month, ensuring that it stays in a warm spot so the coconut oil doesn't solidify. Once a week, shake the bottle to help infuse the oil.

coffee bar soaps

Coffee Bar Soaps

Chop two cups of melt and pour soap (such as ArtMinds Soap-Making Shea Butter Soap ($9.99, michaels.com) into ice-cube-sized squares for easy melting, then pour the cubes into a microwave-safe bowl. Melt soap cubes in a microwave for 30 seconds to start, then in 10-second intervals until it melts completely (in this case, it took one minute and 30 seconds to melt a full bowl of soap).

Once melted, add one tablespoon of brewed coffee grounds for every one cup of soap. Reusing your brewed coffee grounds is more eco-friendly, but it's also important to note that fresh coffee grounds will bleed into the soap. Add more coffee grounds if you'd like the soap to be more exfoliating. Stir to combine the melted soap and coffee, adding three drops of vanilla essential oil, such as Hana Vanilla Essential Oil ($8.98, amazon.com).

Pour the soap mixture into a clean loaf mold and set it aside for at least 40 minutes. (Tip: You can pop it into the fridge to speed up the drying time.) Once completely solid, take apart the loaf mold and, using a sharp knife, slice the solidified mold into soap bars.


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